Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Top things I did at uni.

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Some days I struggle to get through the days.

Quite simply, I am lonely.

Being so far away from university friends is quite distressing especially where they are so busy. I understand if they can't talk, I'd get annoyed too if I was badgering them whilst they were trying to work all the time!

I don't really need to go into any more details about how s**t it is to be away from boyfriend. I think everyone understands my level of heartbreak by now!

Today I spoke to the advisor from the students union who is helping me with my appeal for an appeal. Suddenly I couldn't stop myself; rant rant rant!

So now I figured that it was time to think of all the amazing things I achieved at university. Things I have never done before, things that were the best things to do, anything! Time for positive reminicising!

1. I went to a live sports match. Rugby. I saw London Irish play Southampton Saints. And I enjoyed myself. Amazing!

2. Baking brownies (which contained way too much chocolate) at midnight. Why not?!

3. Thinking it would be easy to bake two birthday cakes, including a full sized Deal or No Deal box AND throw a party. It wasn't. But it was so worth it, especially when everyone pulled it off!

4. Sitting in bed all night with boyfriend, watching shit telly and eating cheese & crackers!

5. Building a rapport with the Student Switch off, eventually being filmed for their Ashden Awards video; eventually leading to being interviewed by The Guardian and being put in the paper!

6. Deciding to go to The Purple Turtle at 1am, the day before leaving when I hadn't even packed.

7. At 2am, our house was subject to a Police raid, complete with riot van. Here's the group photo.

Inappropriate Group Photo in the glass
Riot van fun.

8. Winning a free Nando's combo meal at Fresher's Fayre. Cheapest date with a meal that we've had in a while!

9. Heck, I failed economics by two marks. But I raised Law from 25 marks to 64. (Which is a B) Overall I achieved an A, 2 Bs, 4 Cs and a D. That's pretty good going for a girl who hasn't had to worry about exams before and has done construction courses that are 100% coursework, plus a gap year!

10. I had riding lessons at WELLINGTON. Now that's pretty cool, if you know about your horses!

Everyone at the Christmas Gymkhana!

11. I learnt that I didn't drink often enough. I also learnt that when I do drink, I shouldn't match Jamie. Or start drinking rose wine at 5.30 after a terrible exam. It just doesn't bode well. 

12. I had the opportunity to go on a riding holiday to Wales in March 2012. We went hacking one day, then was snowed in for 2 days. It was so much fun!

Snowy Ponies

13. Being made Course Rep. I know I have been course rep before, but at university, it actually counts for something.

14. Finding a random Christmas tree outside the Co-Op, taking it back to halls, then 2 days later, finding that I won another from Southern Comfort!

Co-op Tree

Southern Comfort Tree

15. When me, Jamie, Rich and George went out at 10pm and rode our bikes and skateboards around campus!

16. Cling-Filming Silky's room because we were THAT bored.

Cling Film Drapes

Yep. Did his shoes too.

17. I learnt to like dubstep. Never thought that day would come.

18. I played Polo in freshers. Totes amazes daaarling. I joke, the girls were lovely!

Argentinian Polo Ponies

19. Meeting one of my favourite (living!) artists at a local gallery during Freshers. Doug Hyde is unbelievably nice.

20. I won a LUSH party. We all had facemasks then went to Nandos. Oh yes.

21. We saw The Blanks at the union. (From Scrubs!) We saw Lloyd Langford at the union. (Little crush on him.) We also saw Weezer and Chipmunk. (Not that bothered by them.)

The Blanks

But the biggest thing of all...
 Meeting friends for life.

(Many apologies if you are not in the photo, I don't actually have a photo with EVERYONE in it!)

Hello again, it’s you and me,
Kinda always like it used to be.
Sippin' wine, killing time,
Trying to solve life’s mysteries.
How’s your life, it’s been a while,
God it’s good to see you smile...


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun at uni.. I know it can get very lonely. I moved from Gloucestershire up to London when I was 18 and i didn't know anybody, so I was very lonely at first but... I made other friends too. It's sad that people drift apart but that's just life. xx

    Oh and I accidentally deleted your comment on my Nasty Gal post... so sorry! You can send it again if you want. x // @ohsewfashion

    1. Ohh so much fun! I get lonely because I have been suspended after being 2 marks short in a module; all my friends and boyfriend are at university and I'm left at home. But whether I am allowed to return next year or not, I know that we can just pick up where we left off :) xx


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