Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A windy day for an autumnal girl...

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So...little bit of wind today eh?!

Although I am a July birthday, (the 1st for all you present givers! :P) I have to say, I'm not the biggest Summer fan. I like the lack of rain, but I really am a Autumn/Winter girl.

There's something about going out with the dog on a long walk, blowing the cobwebs away, then coming back into a warm house, putting on your slippers and cuddling up with the cat. (Said cat cannot decide where to lay currently, I really should film me typing these blogs!)

Another lovely winter thing for me, is trudging up to the yard, rain, wind or snow, to see the horse. She's not bothered about us visiting, especially because we might work her! But she soon changes her mind when we bring out the carrots.

When there's a crisp Autumn day, I love packing up the car, dog in, boyfriend in, then we go to Whitstable, a quiet beach town in Kent. We go for a long walk by the sea front, wathcing Bob run around in the pebbles.We get a cider from the pub, drinking it from plastic cups as we walk hand together. Then we get fish and chips from the best chippy around, eating them on the beach, throwing the odd one for Bob!

Jamie and Bob

 Me and Bob

Bob the dog

Yum. Yum. Yum.

For me, this is my perfect date. Sheer perfection!

On days like this however, when it is bloody dark at 3.30pm...! is mighty difficult to be a horse owner. All I want to do is stay here in my sick bed, curled up tight to hold my hurting heart, hiding from the world in my lonely state of existence! Maybe it is because I know that I have to drive to the yard and have a car filled with haylage. Not fun really; cannot see out my rear window. Bugger.

So when I don't want to get up, because the world is too difficult to face, I think of who I am helping. I'll be helping my Mum, my horse, myself...

I think of what happens if I don't get up. I'll have a hungry horse and a Mum that is struggling to do everything.

I think of what I am working towards...Saturday. When I get to see two very important men. My boyfriend and our best friend, Mike.

I can probably get up. It's not that hard. I'll just think of good things, like dates by the seaside and nights spent cuddled on the sofa. 

There will be good things soon. I'm sure.

There's no mistake, I smell that smell,
It's that time of year again

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