Saturday, 8 September 2012

Confession time.

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My name is Ashleigh Stevens and I am a freebie finding addict.

I'd say that there is a history of freebie-finding addiction in my family. It may have passed my Mum but it is very clear with my Grandma. Previous to her, all family members were known to happily take extra sugar in cafes and have a stock of sachets in their handbags.

However this is the21st century. Websites such as were my weakness at university. I just couldn't resist! It resulted in situations at the end of the year like this:

A crappy quality photo I'll admit. But that wasn't even all of it. There was a lot! Enough to fill my toiletries bag with samples, so I'm already packed if I'm going away. No full sizes and decanting for me!

It's competitions as well. I won a Glossy Box in March. It contained a £35 bottle of stretch mark oil (not useful for me, but a friend used it), perfume sample, foot cream, shampoo for irritated scalps and nail sticker things. Unbelievably people pay £10 a month + P&P. The wins were rolling in. Southern Comfort minatures and Christmas tree, showjumping jacket, travel mugs, tshirts and beauty products.

All of these goodies I won from people posting on the MagicFreebiesUK's Facebook page and their daily emails. All the samples are being kept in the Glossy Box. (Reduce. Reuse. Recycle!) 

I would like to say thank you to all the companies that send the products out to the thousands of people who apply for them. I'm also going to get off my lazy bum, use them and review them. I really enjoy using them after all!

I think it's about time to say a MASSIVE thank you to MagicFreebiesUK. They put in a lot of time into the website, Facebook page, competitions, Twitter and emails. There are clearly some avid fans of freebie hunting, (for some, maybe too avid!) and they help everyone get the goodies! By signing up for freebies everyday when I was at uni, I ended up getting out of my flat, going to the post box, getting fresh air and talking to people. Boiling it down, MagicFreebiesUK helped me combat my homesickness. Now I wasn't expecting that when I signed up to their emails! Thank you!

"I'm free to be whatever I, 
whatever I choose and I'll sing the blues if I want."


  1. Thanks for following! I just followed back :)

    Omg love all those samples that you got! Lucky girl

    1. Thank you :) I'm a bit new to this blogging lark, hence the reply 9 days later! :(

      Websites and Facebook offer samples, I just can't say no! Hehee!

  2. Lots of awesome freebies :) I didn't think that magic was so good, its a site not so easy to use, I prefer more simple sites like latestfreestuff or wowfreestuff.. x


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