Saturday, 3 November 2012

Freebies of the Week! #8

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Bit of a foodie week for freebies it would seem!

The first two items I won on Facebook and had the vouchers sent to me.

Kelloggs Special K Biscuit Moments in Blueberry flavour and Pop Tarts in Frosted Apple Blast flavour.

I am so excited to try these, food freebies are the greatest thing for me!!


The Special K biscuits are worth £1.98 in ASDA and the Pop Tarts were £2.48 in ASDA. Those two products came to £4.46. Man, junk food and good foods are expensive!

I also had a delivery today. I did a survey online and I qualified; the result was two big bags of crisps have been sent for me to try. OH WHAT A SHAME...?! I am eating them now and they are LUSH. I won't post what they look like or anything as I don't want to break any rules. So here's the box and the plain packets, exciting eh...?! Okay maybe not for you but it was for me! I can also re-use the box for Christmas, double yay!

Double yum.

Has anybody else had any yummy treats this week?

I'm losing you,
I'm losing you.
Ain't love the sweetest thing?

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