Friday, 14 June 2013

Heartbreak Recovery: Day 4

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Day Four: A normal day?

Wake up. Sun shining into my room. A sign for the future?

Spend all day to-ing and fro-ing from the yard. Grooming, being around for treatments, doing dinners.

Play music really loud at any opportunity. Rediscover "Affirmation" by Savage Garden. Find it particularly accurate.

Decide to go to Sainsburys and pick stuff up for dinner.

Go to work and buy a lamp for my room. Just 'cause I can.

Go back to the house. Cook my dinner.

Sit down on the sofa, discover I am eating a ready meal for one and have started a bottle of wine. First sign of a life of loneliness? Possibly.

Feel a bit tipsy. Film my Boots haul from the day before.

Upload to YouTube.


I believe in karma,
What you give is what you get returned.


  1. Oh, how I love Savage Garden! What a tune! :) x

    1. I forgot how good Savage Garden are! This song was one of my favourites as a kid! x

  2. I fricken LOVE that song! Need to listen to it now! xxx


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