Thursday, 20 March 2014

Wella Alchemy Treatment at Reading College

Once a month, I like to treat myself.

I make sure I have a late shift at work so that I can relax at Reading College's Graduate Salon and have an alchemy treatment.

After a drink and a consultation, my hair is washed, then the treatments are applied...

After sitting under the steamer for 10 minutes, I was walked to the sinks for a gorgeous head massage. This is where I don't talk much...I become dozy and sleepy! This bit is vital for me as I suffer from psoriasis so this bit really helps to soften my scalp and ease the itchiness. (BLEURGHH)

From there, the products are rinsed from my hair. The alchemy treatment comes with a rough dry as standard but I like to pay extra for a blow dry to get extra sleek locks! 

I always look forward to having my treatment once a month. My hair feels nourished and soft for days after the treatment. I have noticed that due to having the treatment regularly, I do not have as many split ends which is fab! For £6, the treatment is a BARGAIN.

I would highly recommend checking out your local college to see if they have a beauty and hair salon. I've now found part of my regular routine now and I love it!

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