Friday, 30 November 2012

A week in photos #4

Keeping this week's photo's broken up...I want to do whole posts dedicated to certain days that have been brilliant!

I would LOVE tickets for this! Not even got any for Bon Jovi this year :(

Scrummy dinner cooked for me by boyfriend

Say whaaa?!

£12.50 bargain Radley Handbag

I have resorted to Berocca for breakfast

Sunny testing out our new mounting block

Doctor, doctor won't you please prescribe somethin'?A day in the life of someone else?'Cause I'm a hazard to myself...
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Another cheeky little bargain haul!

I left work vaguely on time today, sat in my car whilst it took an age to de-mist...and realised I wasn't ready to go home. I had worked my arse off for 7 hours, with a ridiculously overdue lunch break and having had no lunch. Something had to be done.

So I got out my car and headed back into the shopping centre!

I did restrict myself to just things that were cheap, that I could use vouchers with and that I could benefit from. To be honest, I think I did quite well!

Body Shop

Now I was at Bluewater a few weeks ago and was handed a Joy Card. It entitles the owner to either £3, £5, £10 or £50 off at Body Shop. Obviously there would be more of the £3 cards, so I used it as part payment for a tube of Hemp Hand Protector. This is ideal for all horse owners out there! Dry hands are gone!

This tube is normally £5, but I got it for £2.


Oh I do love Boots. Luckily Hempstead Valley's Boots is tiny so the risk of a blown budget was slim to none! With 3 for 2 and Advantage Card points, can't go wrong!

Soap and Glory Hand food £2.50
Soap and Glory Righteous Butter £2.50
The Sanctuary Hand Cream £3.00

(Hand Food was free after 3 for 2 promotion and I earned 20 Advantage Card points)


Okay, this was real money. But MUA is so cheap, I couldn't resist! My first ever bronzer! I figured this would be a gentle way to ease me in?! Gorgeous shimmery creams and browns, so pretty! Any bronzer advice is appreciated!

MUA Shimmer Kisses Bronzer £3.00

Marks and Spencer

Just a nice glass to put my make up brushes in. It's a tumbler from the homeware area! I had vouchers for M&S from doing some AutoCAD drawings for my farrier. So this was kinda free?!

M&S Tumbler £2.00

I don't feel guilty at ALL! All as cheap as possible! Bit of a hand cream theme, but this time of year, I need it!

No one told me, she told me...

Your love's like one last cigarette, last cigarette.
I will savour it, the last cigarette.
Take it in and hold your breath, hope it never ends,
But when it's gone, it's gone.
The last cigarette
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Monday, 26 November 2012

A Week in Photos #3

I know! It's late! But the past few days, (and the upcoming ones) have been manic!

Taking photos for my haul post. Sunny likes  Primark bags. Was taking a photo of him, but he found the edge of the bed as the shutter closed! (I managed to catch him!)

Cheeky magazine tester of Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme

The start of a blog post for this week!

Bob not looking too impressed that his bed is shared with 3 horse's feed!

Picking up some haylage for Candy...resulted in no view from rear window and gears were changed back-handed!

Great-Grandma's Christmas Cactus. Always on the week of her birthday, it flowers.

View from my sick bed...sunny day; typical!

The view from my sick bed 2! The lonely tree on Basser Hill.

Prep for BB Cream review

Bit of a quiet one for this week. I refused to use my new phone until I was in Reading with the boyfriend. There will be an extra post on our shenanigans this week! 

Hey, I'm looking up for my star girl, I guess I'm stuck in this mad world.
With things that I wanna say, but you're a million miles away
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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Freebies of the week! #11

Oh dear! Another week of nothing! Although I have been trying more things from my stash and in the lead up to Christmas, there is probably more focus on selling actual products!

So this quick post shall be ended on this note...

To all you people who have done your Christmas shopping, please do mine?!

Save a prayer for me,
I'll save a prayer for you...
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Saturday, 24 November 2012


I am currently spinning with excitement! Today will be an absolutely packed day, but it will be SO worth it!

I will be getting up bright and early, hair wash, shower, shave legs etc...
Going to work early to get more of my computer training done. YAWN.
10-3 shift.
Drive home FAST.
Pack bags FAST.
Get a lift to the station.
Rainham - London St Pancras - Paddington - Reading!
Meet the boyfriend and best mate.
Go into town, Mike will get kicked out of Yates.
Stagger into Chicken Base, order too much food.
Fall back into the flat, then sleepy cuddles with Jamie.

It's gonna be fucking lush.

Oh when I look back now,
That summer seemed to last forever.
And if I had the choice,
Yeah, I'd always wanna be there.
Those were the best days of my life...
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Friday, 23 November 2012

Dermalogica Precleanse

I am very new to this idea. Cleansing before cleansing? Eh?!

However, I get it.

After applying enough make up to cover my spots and to last a day of applying for jobs, I had no idea how to remove it all. Well. This worked  pretty darn well.

"Using dry hands, massage over dry face and eyes to dissolve surface oil and dirt. Concentrate on areas of congestion or stubborn debris. Wet hands and continue to create a light, milky emulsion. Rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with recommended Dermalogica cleanser for professional cleansing results."

Wow. It even shifts a thick line of Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner, layers of concealer, foundation and powder.

This actually blew my mind. It felt odd to be rubbing oil into my face and over my eyes, but my gosh, it works. After rinsing it off, I washed my face with my usual cleanser. It almost felt like I was making it easier for my cleanser to work properly.

Professional cleansing results? Oh yes. My skin felt AMAZING. Soft and extra clean.

GET. THIS. PRODUCT!* I want it! I'll use all my samples up first though...

Buy directly from Dermalogica for £31.50, or from the Jersey Beauty Company for £24.95

* (N.B I have a friend who is registered with and uses Dermalogica for her beauty treatments business so I know what products area correct for me. I suggest meeting a Dermalogica representative to get the best treatments for your skin type.)

Under neon loneliness,
Motorcycle emptiness...
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Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream

This is the Ginerva Green Tea Nude Cover BB cream.

There are such big promises.
  • Oil control properties for a natural matte finish
  • Flawless coverage for all skin types
  • All day hydration
  • SPF 30
  • Ultra fine nano texture for an even tone and natural look
The website states, "Enriched with premium Green Tea, Ginseng, Chinese Angelica and Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea Nude Cover BB cream provides the benefits of blemish free concealing, sun block effects, whitening, moisturising and reduction of lines, providing a long lasting smooth and ultra light feel to nourish and perfect your skin."

After reading this, I felt the need to do this test properly.

Cleanse, tone, moisturise. CHECK. 

My weapons of choice.

Under eyes concealed. CHECK. (Natural Collection Concealer)

Spots covered. CHECK. (Bobbi Brown Concealer)

All covered up.

Then I put the BB Cream on my hand. The colour looked a bit dark for my winter complexion. (my tan has faded!) Actually it's not a nice colour at all initially.Then I put it on my face.

Well. I thought I was wiping dirt coloured liquid on my face. The colour came out so badly wrong for me, it didn't look natural. I wish the photo could show the colour better.

After my initial shock, the colour calmed down. It looked normal. To be fair, the consistency is lovely and the coverage is great. My wrinkles haven't been made more obvious either. Now it has sunk in, it isn't as bad. My powder has gone on top of it nicely, so the dark colour has calmed down a bit. It smells nice too.

Compared to other foundations and BB creams I have tried, this is a pricey alternative. But, if you have slightly darker skin compared to my pale winteryness, then it could be an excellent alternative. The SPF 30 is an excellent idea; technologically it is a fantastic BB cream.

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream can be bought from Harvey Nichols or here

If I could, then I would,
I'd go wherever you will go.
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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Break Out Mask

I spotted this in Asda a few weeks ago and HAD to try it. A two part treatment for £1.48...can't say fairer than that! 

Although I refused to wear flowers and leaves on my eyes. I have none of these available. 

Firstly I washed my face with my usual cleanser. I also exfoliated at the same time. Made sense to.

Then I applied the facemask and jumped in the shower!

Another shot of my facemask. Mostly to show off my amazing PJs. Present from boyfriend last Christmas. Clever one he is!

After 15 minutes I rinsed the mask off and applied the moisturiser that is supplied. The moisturiser smells gorgeous; peppermint, tea tree...all sorts of  yumminess!

My skin felt a lot calmer and softer after this face mask. I wouldn't say it has helped to get rid of my break out, because it is being particularly stubborn; but it did feel cooler and less angry, which was good for when I was called into work last minute!

Montagne Jeunesse Break Out Mask can be found at Asda for £1.48 here.

And the more I see; the more I know.

The more I know; the less I understand...

I'm the changingman; built on shifting sands. 
I'm the changingman; I'm waiting for the bang, 
as I light a bitter fuse.
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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A windy day for an autumnal girl...

So...little bit of wind today eh?!

Although I am a July birthday, (the 1st for all you present givers! :P) I have to say, I'm not the biggest Summer fan. I like the lack of rain, but I really am a Autumn/Winter girl.

There's something about going out with the dog on a long walk, blowing the cobwebs away, then coming back into a warm house, putting on your slippers and cuddling up with the cat. (Said cat cannot decide where to lay currently, I really should film me typing these blogs!)

Another lovely winter thing for me, is trudging up to the yard, rain, wind or snow, to see the horse. She's not bothered about us visiting, especially because we might work her! But she soon changes her mind when we bring out the carrots.

When there's a crisp Autumn day, I love packing up the car, dog in, boyfriend in, then we go to Whitstable, a quiet beach town in Kent. We go for a long walk by the sea front, wathcing Bob run around in the pebbles.We get a cider from the pub, drinking it from plastic cups as we walk hand together. Then we get fish and chips from the best chippy around, eating them on the beach, throwing the odd one for Bob!

Jamie and Bob

 Me and Bob

Bob the dog

Yum. Yum. Yum.

For me, this is my perfect date. Sheer perfection!

On days like this however, when it is bloody dark at 3.30pm...! is mighty difficult to be a horse owner. All I want to do is stay here in my sick bed, curled up tight to hold my hurting heart, hiding from the world in my lonely state of existence! Maybe it is because I know that I have to drive to the yard and have a car filled with haylage. Not fun really; cannot see out my rear window. Bugger.

So when I don't want to get up, because the world is too difficult to face, I think of who I am helping. I'll be helping my Mum, my horse, myself...

I think of what happens if I don't get up. I'll have a hungry horse and a Mum that is struggling to do everything.

I think of what I am working towards...Saturday. When I get to see two very important men. My boyfriend and our best friend, Mike.

I can probably get up. It's not that hard. I'll just think of good things, like dates by the seaside and nights spent cuddled on the sofa. 

There will be good things soon. I'm sure.

There's no mistake, I smell that smell,
It's that time of year again
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Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mineral Mask

I am actually quite new to the world of face masks. I wouldn't say that they have never appealed; it is mostly because my skin is so random, I just didn't know what ones to pick.

When I was in Superdrug a few weeks ago, I clocked the display of face masks and new I had to try this one.

My usual cleanser is clay based, so I figured that this would be a good option. This is the Detoxifying Dead Sea Mineral Mask.

I cleansed my face as normal, slathered the mask on my face and figured that it would be a good time to have my shower. 15 minutes later, I emerged from the shower with a face that could barely move from the mask! (I like that though!)

When I removed the mask from my face, my skin felt so soft! I spritzed on my toner and moisturised too.

For the next few days my skin was fantastic. My spots looked less angry and my skin was brighter.

I cannot recommend this face mask highly enough. You can easily get two uses from the sachet and it was only 99p! Fantastic!

But we did nothing, absolutely but kiss that day and I say:
What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A. at 26?

With my mind on my money, and my money on, beer!
I know that life is for the taking, so I better wise up and take it quick.
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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Dermalogica Microfoliant

I love Dermalogica. I really cannot fault them.

Of the products that I have tried, I love them all.

This month's Glossy Box has a travel sized Daily Microfoliant included. Now I have actually used this product many times. Although I do not currently have a full sized bottle, I have a few sample sachets to use up.

This product is recommended for all skin types. I should also add that it is NOT a big scratchy exfoliator, it is so gentle, you really can use it everyday.

The instructions tell you to cleanse your face, then add the Microfoliant to very wet hands, make a paste and apply to your  face in circular motions. I also add it to my usual cleanser. The result is soft skin, which feels refreshed and brighter.

I would say that this is a product worth adding to your facial cleansing routine. Its gentleness, effectiveness and many methods of use are why I really think it is worth getting.

You can buy Daily Microfoliant directly from Dermalogica here for £38.50.

However I buy my Dermalogica products from the Jersey Beauty Company here for £29.99.

(N.B I have a friend who is registered with and uses Dermalogica for her beauty treatments business so I know what products area correct for me. I suggest meeting a Dermalogica representative to get the best treatments for your skin type.)

Oh, wee-ooh, I look just like Buddy Holly,Oh, oh, and you're Mary Tyler Moore.I don't care what they say about us anyway,I don't care 'bout that
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Pantene Pro-V 2min Deep Repair Masque

I am VERY particular about hair products.

I suffer from psoriasis on my scalp so need shampoos that strip away the grease build up and dead skin. However I have to replace the moisture, but some conditioners aren't good enough. Moisturising shampoos and conditioners can just make my hair greasy and coated. I have to get the balance right.

My hair always looks healthy, but recently I have wondered if I should try more conditioning treatments, as my poor hairdresser does despair of my dry ends! Really you should leave your conditioner on for 2 minutes, but I am just SO impatient!

I found this in my samples selection and figured that I should try it.

"Intensive hydration and protection for your dry/damaged hair."

I should add that it is protection against styling damage. I do not straighten my hair. (It really is poker straight, which bugs me.) However years of leaving towels on my head for hours, hottest settings on hairdryers and not using a vent brush when drying it, probably could constitute as styling damage of sorts.

So once again, in the shower, hair is shampooed, rinsed, then masque is applied. I was worried that it would not be enough product, so applied it to the ends of my hair, then any extra product I applied to the main length of my hair.

As per usual, Pantene get the smell BANG ON. A mixture of flowery and fruity, you really cannot complain!

2 minutes later, I rinsed the masque off my hair and wrapped it up in a towel. I decided to behave and only left the towel on my head for 10 minutes whilst I pottered around. As I started to dry my hair, I was concerned that it would not dry and would feel coated, as many hair products leave my hair in worse condition.

I needn't have worried.

Soft, shiney and smelling so good! I was so glad that I had tried this product, my hair felt great, even two days later; I almost forgot it was third day hair and should be washed! It rarely even needed brushing as it was so soft and silky. I would be tempted to try more of Pantene's products after this.

Pantene Pro-V 2min Deep Repair Masque is currently £.4.69 at Superdrug...or 2 for £6.99!

Everybody wants to know her name.
How does she cope with her new found fame?
Everyone asks me,
Who the hell is she?
That weirdo with 5 colours in her hair!
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Monday, 19 November 2012

Special K Biscuit Moments

Yes I know, a blog post about cereal bars...but I just had to write about these.

A few weeks ago I got these for free from Facebook. I was doubtful because cereal/snack bars can be a bit hit and miss...not enough fruit, not enough topping, too much dull know what I mean right?

Also I won blueberry. I only eat blueberry muffins so...once again. Doubtful.

Oh my days. These are MAGIC.

Thin layers of biscuit, sandwiching the perfect amount of berries, then drizzled lightly with vanilla...stuff. 2 of these biscuits are 99 calories.

Now I will admit that the first time I saw them I thought, "corr...stingy much?!" But actually, as a snack, you don't actually need any more. These biscuits are more interesting and taste so good that by the time you finish them, you are actually full.

My problem with cereal bars is that they trick you with the calorie amounts or that the only ones I like have chocolate on them. I don't always want chocolate! Then the ones which have yoghurt on them, have WAY too much. I'm not a fan of overly sweet things, but most cereal bars are either really sweet or really boring.

These biscuit bars have knocked the balance on the head! There's just the right amount of each component, especially with the drizzle. I would definitely pick these over a cereal bar any day.

These biscuit bars come in blueberry or strawberry, with 10 biscuits (in 5 packs) at Asda for £1.98

Hmmm. I want a strawberry one now.

They were sitting, they were sitting in the strawberry swing,And every moment was so precious.
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Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme

There are always plenty of perfume samples in magazines, but I am never bothered by them because they always smell too strong, or just smell like magazine!

However this sample came in an envelope so I was particularly intrigued.

I thought that it seemed a bit extreme packaging for a sample, especially with the 6 full page Cosmo spread dedicated to it.

Worth it.

Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme smells amazing. Inspired by the Little Black Dress, it is described as a "wonderful compliment to any woman."

Top notes of fresh aldehydic accord and white peach; heart notes of violet, jasmine and white floral; base notes of sandalwood, crystal moss and warm woods. Stunning.

It honestly smells like everything, but in a good way. Flowery, fruity, with a hint of masculinity; probably from the sandalwood. It really would suit any woman.

I rarely get overly excited by perfumes; that tends to be my boyfriend's area of expertise. Experience has shown me that men understand perfumes more than me! However I had to write this post immediately after smelling this! It smells gorgeous, I cannot stop smelling it!

The clever packaging has helped this perfume for sure. Protecting the delicate smells and creating the curiosity for this product, has resulted in me even looking for the price online. It really would suit any woman.

Ashleigh wants this!

Boss Nuit Pour Femme  30ml is currently £34.00 in Boots here. However, the gift set is available for the same price here!

Girls on film, 
She's more than a lady,
Girls on film...
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Sunday, 18 November 2012


Oops. It happened.

I should add that they are all necessities...


Black and white t-shirts from Primark...not too much to say about these really! I didn't have any...I do now! They were £3.00 each which is fair for a plain t-shirt.

New jeans...oh these make me so happy. There are many negatives to losing  best part of a stone, the foremost being that your clothes do not fit! But for the first time in many years, I can fit into PRIMARK size 10 jeans! This is quite the achievement because Primark sizes are random beyond belief. These jeans are so nice, naturally I picked the Long size as well. These beauts are only £9.00 too.


I just cannot seem to shift the 50 points if you buy anything from Natural Collection voucher from my Advantage Card rewards, so I bought this concealer. I'm trying to find a cheaper replacement for my Bobbi Brown so it was worth giving this a try, especially for £1.99.

I hate face wipes that are an alternative to face washing. If you have time, you should always do a proper full skincare routine. However the amount of concealer I have to wear recently, I'm scrubbing for ages! I got these to take the worst off my face first, then wash it properly! I love Dermalogica Precleanse, but only ever have sample sachets...these shall be my alternative! These were £1.49 as they were 1/2 price.


Oh Mum. You're truly the queen. My Mum managed to find this in Superdrug last week for the bargain price of 75p! Naturally I wanted one, but couldn't find any, even in the Maidstone branch. Then yesterday she came home. She found one, took it to the scanned through for 30p!!! She was planning on putting it on our Ocado order last week, but it was £ this is truly a bargain!


Two pairs of plain black trousers for work. Not much to say. Fit nice around the bum, plenty of room for lifting boxes at work. Mum had to turn them up an inch though...this rarely happens to me, unless I buy trousers! They ALWAYS need turning up!


Anyone else been to this shop? I LOVE it. It's like high street Ikea but cheaper and more useful products! I bought the boy a pressie from here (only a pound!) but I'm not 100% sure if he looks at this blog so I won't post it, just in case! Haha!


Oh we all love a bit of eBay action! I had to buy some keyrings for the horse's name tags, so bought some for £1.49 + free delivery. Logged into Treat Street and used a welcome code...made £5.00 of Boots points! WIN!

Then I bought this new case for my phone. It was £4.40 + free delivery; once again, another Treat Street code...made £2.50 of points! I cannot recommend Treat Street strongly enough, it is an excellent way of boosting your Boots points. 35 days later the points will be in your account, but that's perfect timing for Christmas Sales!


Work shoes. Not that interesting! But these were only £20 and they are leather, really soft but sturdy and have grippy soles; perfect for rushing around a shop floor! I looked in Marks and Spencer for some but nothing appealed and the ones that did, wouldn't fit! I don't want to spend £30 on dull shoes that I'll regret forever. So these are ideal because I will actually wear these.

Cancer Research

By this point in the week, I should have walked away. My bank account is screaming at me. But when my Mum and I saw this, it would have been rude to say no. A genuine Radley handbag, bit bashed around the edges but in good working order...£12.50! Exactly what I have been needing for ages as well.

I may actually do a before and after transformation of this bag, it is a bit of a mess, but I can fix it!

I'm sorry bank account. I do love you really. It has been a productive week's shopping it would seem...

My life is like unto a bargain store,

And I may have just what you're lookin' for.
If you don't mind the fact that all the merchandise is used,
With a little mendin' it could be as good as new...
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