Monday, 19 November 2012

Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme

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There are always plenty of perfume samples in magazines, but I am never bothered by them because they always smell too strong, or just smell like magazine!

However this sample came in an envelope so I was particularly intrigued.

I thought that it seemed a bit extreme packaging for a sample, especially with the 6 full page Cosmo spread dedicated to it.

Worth it.

Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme smells amazing. Inspired by the Little Black Dress, it is described as a "wonderful compliment to any woman."

Top notes of fresh aldehydic accord and white peach; heart notes of violet, jasmine and white floral; base notes of sandalwood, crystal moss and warm woods. Stunning.

It honestly smells like everything, but in a good way. Flowery, fruity, with a hint of masculinity; probably from the sandalwood. It really would suit any woman.

I rarely get overly excited by perfumes; that tends to be my boyfriend's area of expertise. Experience has shown me that men understand perfumes more than me! However I had to write this post immediately after smelling this! It smells gorgeous, I cannot stop smelling it!

The clever packaging has helped this perfume for sure. Protecting the delicate smells and creating the curiosity for this product, has resulted in me even looking for the price online. It really would suit any woman.

Ashleigh wants this!

Boss Nuit Pour Femme  30ml is currently £34.00 in Boots here. However, the gift set is available for the same price here!

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