Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Dove Nourishing Oil ExprEssential Treatment Conditioner

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Would you believe that this was a sample product?! How generous!

This is the Dove Nourishing Oil ExprEssential Treatment Conditioner. It's a beaut.

After your usual shampooing, just use this instead of your normal conditioner. Just leave for a minute then rinse out.

The yellow streak running through the product is the treatment...the magic bit!

I genuinely love this. It smells so good that I end up leaving it on for ages! My hair instantly detangles, feels soft and oh so sleek. After drying my hair, it feels fantastic, genuinely nourished. The smell is amazing! I even felt like I could smell it the next day.

This conditioner can be used every day, but I tended to use it once a week as my hair can get quite greasy and built up, so I don't like to use treatments too often.

Dove Nourishing Oil ExprEssential Treatment Conditioner is available at Superdrug for £3.35 HERE

Have you tried this conditioner? 
Can you recommend any treatment conditioners?

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  1. I love this product also, but agree that its best to use only a few times a week :D


    1. Oh definitely, it is such a nice treatment, but any more than once a week isn't really required! x

  2. Ohhh, I really want to try this out! And once a week?! I can definitely work with that!

    1. It's so nice for a little treat! :D


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