Sunday, 18 November 2012


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Oops. It happened.

I should add that they are all necessities...


Black and white t-shirts from Primark...not too much to say about these really! I didn't have any...I do now! They were £3.00 each which is fair for a plain t-shirt.

New jeans...oh these make me so happy. There are many negatives to losing  best part of a stone, the foremost being that your clothes do not fit! But for the first time in many years, I can fit into PRIMARK size 10 jeans! This is quite the achievement because Primark sizes are random beyond belief. These jeans are so nice, naturally I picked the Long size as well. These beauts are only £9.00 too.


I just cannot seem to shift the 50 points if you buy anything from Natural Collection voucher from my Advantage Card rewards, so I bought this concealer. I'm trying to find a cheaper replacement for my Bobbi Brown so it was worth giving this a try, especially for £1.99.

I hate face wipes that are an alternative to face washing. If you have time, you should always do a proper full skincare routine. However the amount of concealer I have to wear recently, I'm scrubbing for ages! I got these to take the worst off my face first, then wash it properly! I love Dermalogica Precleanse, but only ever have sample sachets...these shall be my alternative! These were £1.49 as they were 1/2 price.


Oh Mum. You're truly the queen. My Mum managed to find this in Superdrug last week for the bargain price of 75p! Naturally I wanted one, but couldn't find any, even in the Maidstone branch. Then yesterday she came home. She found one, took it to the scanned through for 30p!!! She was planning on putting it on our Ocado order last week, but it was £ this is truly a bargain!


Two pairs of plain black trousers for work. Not much to say. Fit nice around the bum, plenty of room for lifting boxes at work. Mum had to turn them up an inch though...this rarely happens to me, unless I buy trousers! They ALWAYS need turning up!


Anyone else been to this shop? I LOVE it. It's like high street Ikea but cheaper and more useful products! I bought the boy a pressie from here (only a pound!) but I'm not 100% sure if he looks at this blog so I won't post it, just in case! Haha!


Oh we all love a bit of eBay action! I had to buy some keyrings for the horse's name tags, so bought some for £1.49 + free delivery. Logged into Treat Street and used a welcome code...made £5.00 of Boots points! WIN!

Then I bought this new case for my phone. It was £4.40 + free delivery; once again, another Treat Street code...made £2.50 of points! I cannot recommend Treat Street strongly enough, it is an excellent way of boosting your Boots points. 35 days later the points will be in your account, but that's perfect timing for Christmas Sales!


Work shoes. Not that interesting! But these were only £20 and they are leather, really soft but sturdy and have grippy soles; perfect for rushing around a shop floor! I looked in Marks and Spencer for some but nothing appealed and the ones that did, wouldn't fit! I don't want to spend £30 on dull shoes that I'll regret forever. So these are ideal because I will actually wear these.

Cancer Research

By this point in the week, I should have walked away. My bank account is screaming at me. But when my Mum and I saw this, it would have been rude to say no. A genuine Radley handbag, bit bashed around the edges but in good working order...£12.50! Exactly what I have been needing for ages as well.

I may actually do a before and after transformation of this bag, it is a bit of a mess, but I can fix it!

I'm sorry bank account. I do love you really. It has been a productive week's shopping it would seem...

My life is like unto a bargain store,

And I may have just what you're lookin' for.
If you don't mind the fact that all the merchandise is used,
With a little mendin' it could be as good as new...

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