Hi there!

My name is Ashleigh, welcome to my little blog!

I like to write about lots of things, whatever comes into my head. Sometimes I feel like I am always thinking or planning things, so I like to write them all out...who knows, someone might listen!?

Beauty reviews are my favourite things to do but I tend to have an opinion on most things (as my nearest and dearest know!)

A lot of products that I review are little samples or freebies; they're handy to try and to write about.

If anyone is wondering, I have:

  • Long, straight, blonde highlighted hair, which is greasy (Noice...I suffer from psoriasis...double noice!)
  • My face has combination skin which is very acne prone.
  • I have very pale skin, I tend to be the palest foundation shades, or one up from the bottom. A yellow tinge!
  • My skin tends to get dry easily.

If you would like to contact me, you can tweet me @AshiTheseDays or email me at ashistevens92@gmail.com.

I should also add that I like to put song lyrics at the bottom of my posts, just 'cause I can!

Thaaaanks! :)

Disclaimer: as of 11th September 2013, any posts which are sponsored or have products sent for review will be stated and marked with an asterix. (*)

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