Monday, 29 April 2013

Soap & Glory 2 Minute Rinse

Soap & Glory, the favourite brand of most Beauty Bloggers do a weekly competition about the 2 Minute Rinse.

Basically the challenge is to shower within two minutes, thus saving time and water!

A few weeks ago, I was Rinser of the Week! This was due to finding out that I had to be at work at 7am! So I perfected my 2 Minute Rinse, which gave me plenty of time to do my make up and take the quick route to work, to have a nap in my car!

My boss was also late so I managed a 25 minute nap! HURRAH!

I told Soap & Glory this and they picked me! Then the packet of goodies arrived...

I love a hair mask and Hair Supply sounds right up my street! That familiar Soap & Glory scent, in a lightweight conditioning treatment. Endless Glove smells GORGEOUS. Initially the scent is odd, then smell it again...oh my it smells like sweeties!

Now I thought the products were a fab prize...a tshirt was included! This is ideal for me as I wear lots of loose baggy tops at this time of year.

Here comes the serious bit. The prizes and the competition are fun, but do remember that the main point is that we all need to try to save water. Understandably more time and water is used when washing your hair, but just think; do you really need to stand in the shower for 5 more minutes because it is warm?!

By the way...I'm a bit of a "save our resources" geek!
Have you tried the 2 minute rinse? It's harder than you think!

And I think everything is going to be alright,
No matter what we do tonight...
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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Poundland Finds: Herbal Essences Seductively Straight Sleekening Intensive Mask

Welcome to my new series of posts! The plan is to find something in Poundland or 99p shop every week and review it. It could be something popular, something silly, anything that I can find, or that whoever I am shopping with influences me to buy! Basically, it needs to be a genuine bargain.

This week is the Herbal Essences Seductively Straight Sleekening Intensive Mask.

Containing Pear & Silk extracts, this is a gorgeous hair mask that leaves hair nourished and soft. I leave it on for 5 minutes, then rinse it off; it practically detangles my hair! It contains pear juice as well, so just knowing that makes me think that I am putting good things onto my hair. The smell! OH MY. We are talking typical Herbal Essences here...soapy but fruity. Love it. When I apply the mask, I do not put it on my roots, only the main length of my hair, but that's purely because my hair does get awfully greasy.

You might be shouting, "But Ashleigh! You have super straight hair! Surely this is pointless?"

Well yes, but I LOVE a hair mask and it will be replenishing the moisture and if it helps detangle, then I am happy.

This tub appears to have Italian and Greek writing on it. It says, "lisci da accarezzare" which translates in Italian to "smooth to caress." However it has been made in the EU and has the contact details for Procter & Gamble so I know that it will be safe to use.

Now, here's the nitty gritty and the annoying thing about the mask being from Poundland. If I could buy it again, then YES! I would scream from the rooftops to get everyone to buy it.


There is no more in stock aaaand I think this line has been discontinued. You can buy it from Amazon HERE, but you're looking at £11.97 for the same 200ml tub. Gutted.

See...I'm messing with your minds here. Getting you all fired up, just to knock ye back down.

Sorry about that! Maybe the next post in the Poundland Finds series will be a bit kinder!

Til next week honeys...

Sometimes love comes around,
And it knocks you down.
Just get back up,
When it knocks you down
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

30 ways to save a pound

I was brought up to be careful and budget with money. We all have trouble with money at some point in our lives and it is important to understand what things are actually worth.

Money Supermarket are doing a challenge where bloggers can think of 30 ways to save £1 and they'll pay up to £30 for them! Plus all the bloggers who do the challenge will be put into a hat and one could win £1000! If there are over 1000 tips, then they will DOUBLE the prize to £2000!

This challenge is right up my street! It's the essence of me and my blog!

Source: Money Supermarket
1. Save those pennies! It's basic but true! See a penny, pick it up...

2. Bulk buy. If the opportunity is there (and you have the storage!) take it. Face it, student houses WILL use all that toilet roll.

3. Charity shops are getting rid of winter stock at the moment, stock up for next winter. I just bought all my hoodies for later this year.

4. When payday comes, STOP! Budget for the month and pay in cash.

5. Fill up your car with petrol in multiples of £5 or £10. That extra 35p each time isn't making that much of addition to your tank.

6. Whilst you are at it, fill the tank in one go! You'll get more for your money and you won't be paying for air!
A little bit of Ryan for you ladies... Source
7. Just because Primark is cheap, do the clothes actually last?! Spend a bit more on your basic items like t-shirts and you won't be buying them so often.

8. Don't be afraid of buying that top because it is damaged or has foundation on it. Could you fix it yourself? Stand up tall and ask for discount. If need be, be assertive and speak to the manager. You don't actually HAVE to shop there and if anything you will be doing them a favour. They'd have damaged stock lying around. As someone who has to damage off stock, it's mad how much stuff could still be used.

9. Walk more! Get off the bus a stop earlier, saves a few pennies and keeps you fit

10. I'm a sucker for the Sainsburys Tuna Crunch Roll. Especially on a meal deal. But I can actually make it at home for a fraction of the price. Bring lunch to work Ashleigh, save £3! (Half an hours work...)

11. Do your research. I was quoted £600 for my car insurance renewal. However, after  a quick Money Supermarket comparison, a company quoted me £500 for fully comprehensive. A bit more research showed that my current and the other company were actually SISTER COMPANIES! A confident phone call later, one insured car, a £100 saving a happy girlie!

Yes I pay to have my car cleaned...that's my treat! And it actually works out cheaper, promise!
12. Don't have an NUS card? Wave your student card at the direction of retailers. I cannot have an NUS card due to not being fully enrolled, but my student card still works!

13. Points cards are an excellent way of making bonuses from your spending. Advantage Card...we beauty bloggers salute you!

14. Food shopping online can be a great way of controlling your food spend. Ocado price match to Tesco and you can buy a Smart Pass. £110 pays for your delivery for a year; whatever time and however many deliveries you want. £246.50 worth of deliveries or £110? Plus added bonuses...hmmmm....!

15. I ask for my hair products, facial cleansing and make up for birthdays/Christmas as I tend to buy myself what I need the rest of the year. My family just want to give me a gift, it doesn't matter what! Isn't that more useful than something pointless?

16. If you are going to eat out at a chain, check for vouchers or discount codes. I can count the amount of times Jamie and I haven't used a voucher on my left hand..there's nothing wrong with it!

Pretty eh?! Review here ;)
17. Go to a local college for treatments. It might take longer, but a manicure for a fiver is alright.

18. Better that, take the time and do the manicure yourself or with friends

19. Sneak snacks into the cinema. Don't take the moral highground, we have all done it. Do you really even need a snack? We don't need them when we watch telly at home!

20. Buy a proper tupperware box for your lunch. Plastic bags everyday tend to add up

21. Reduced vegetables can be a lifesaver. Courgettes, onions, aubergine, mushrooms, cheap can of tomatoes = pasta sauce prepped in advance. Freeze in individual bags for quick meals. (Can be defrosted in microwave with no problems either!)

22. Go to the market. You can get great in season veg, super cheap, in vast quantities! Then cook everything in advance, just like the point above... ^^

23. Take that sample of toothpaste from the dentist. You spend 20 quid on a check up which took 5 minutes...I say you are owed a little bonus. Especially when you become too old for the Tom & Jerry stickers.

24. Back to the reduced section...freeze everything! My friends wondered how Jamie and I could afford VEAL BURGERS last year...

25. Cut the lids off moisturisers, shampoos, conditioners....anything. A few extra uses has to be worth it.

26. Out of foot cream? A large tub of Petroleum Jelly from Wilkos is 55p and it will last FOREVER. Slap that on, add some socks and you are sorted!

27. Buy books from a charity shop. For £1 you could have a book, then donate it back after. I am terrible for getting overdue fines from the library, it's a safer and cheaper option for me!

28. Credit cards are risky. However, if you are in control, you could benefit. John Lewis' Partnership card offers 16.9% APR and you can earn John Lewis and Waitrose vouchers as you shop.

29. When you want to spend money, DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Are you sure that you don't just feel rubbish or bored? Use your time efficiently. Another pair of shoes won't make you happy, but a clean room might?

30. Be confident. Figure out how much things are actually WORTH. When you understand worth, then you really will save money.

I hope these tips will help you save a bit of money! Do you have any money saving ideas?

I need a dollar dollar,
a dollar is what I need
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Monday, 22 April 2013

Freebies of the week! #31

I have a new habit of doing these posts on a Monday. It would appear that a routine of work and horse work has naturally materialised, thus resulting in no daylight to take any decent photos.

Oh wait, my photos aren't great anyway.


Oh I love a beauty freebie.

Firstly, a sample of the L'Oreal CC cream. I picked the mauve one which transforms dull skin. Although to be honest, I could do with one of each: I have dull skin, tired skin and red skin. Maybe the BB cream does all of them? I get confused.

L'Oreal also enclosed a sample of their BB cream. I already have a sample of this, which I haven't used, purely because they are both in the shade Medium. Only in the height of Summer, am I nearing a medium shade!

Also, I recieved a sample of the new Taylor Swift perfume; Wonderstruck Enchanted. I am looking forward to trying this one out and getting some opinions.

Lastly, I won a competition! I will be doing a proper post about this later on this week. Here's a little teaser that I posted on Twitter last week...

Anybody else a Swifty too?!
I will be putting on geek glasses and dancing around when I wear it! ;)

Cause we,
are never ever ever, getting back together!
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

When I buy my foundation and powder from Bobbi Brown, I end up spending an obscene amount of money. That's just what happens. I think the ladies might recognise me now.

I believe that this is the best and only foundation out there for me, therefore I do not want to waste money on  trying anything else.

(Although I am intrigued to see if anything could beat it. I am not dismissing any other brands!)

Anyway, as I spent a fair bit of money, the lady at the counter kindly gave me a sample of their Hydrating Face Cream.

To be honest, I really thought I wouldn't be that bothered by it. The lady did say that it would suit combination skin, so I tried it.

Then I fell in love.

It does what it says on the tin. It hydrates. All my dry patches were gone. You know those bits where the spots just dry out and won't budge? GONE. This could be down to the Algae extract?! (Sounds grim but hey, if it works...) My oily zones...not added to either!

This moisturiser is also a great base. I have never used a face primer before, but the lady told me that it would be an ideal primer. My make up definitely lasted longer compared to using my normal moisturiser.

Honestly, if  I had £36 to spend on moisturiser, I would buy this. My tiny little jar lasted ages. But I don't. So unless I am given any vouchers for it, I will be begrudgingly staying at home, without any of this product.

If you want to buy this moisturiser, you can buy this HERE for £36.00. Bobbi Brown is also at John Lewis or House of Fraser.

Are you recognised at your favourite make-up counter too?!

In your heart, in your mind,
I'll stay with you,
For all of time
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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Nails of the Day #7

It's been a while since I have done a NOTD post. My nails went gross, my hands were dry and I was spending nearly every day around the horses. Beautiful nails couldn't be a priority.

Which makes me SAD.

Anyway, what better way to get back into have pretty nails again, than by testing out the Ciaté varnish that came free with Marie Claire?! This is my first ever Ciaté polish too!

Sand Dune

(Yes I am aware that the bow is in the wrong place. It was kinda loose and I was getting pissy at it when stuck on the bottle. Sue me!)

With the sun and the oh-so-shiney-ness of this colour, this was the best picture I could get! 

The colour is gorgeous, a yellowy/silvery shade of gold. The best way to describe the polish is that it is purely made of flecks of gold, but as you do each coat, it build up more solid.

I painted my Mum's nails with this colour too, she preferred one coat as it was more sheer, but I went to town and did two coats. Why not?!

This colour will be gorgeous for the summer to go with the tans and the sun! I am excited now!

If you didn't manage to get a copy of Marie Claire, then you can buy Sand Dune HERE for £9

The best you ever had,
is just a memory 
and those dreams weren't as daft as they seem...
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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Montagne Jeunesse T-Zone Peel Off

Last Tuesday, I spied a couple of little red spots on my face. I had dry bits and my T Zone appeared to be extra oily.

I had lots of plans for the week so figured that a face mask might do me some good and brighten my face up.

Hmm. Nice face/red eye there Ashi...
I cleansed my face with my Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser, then applied the mask. There was a little bit of tingling, but in a good way. I figured this was the tea tree and witch hazel.

After 15/20mins I peeled the mask off. Some of the mask hadn't dried so I did have to scrub a few patches, like on the side of my face where I managed to apply it to my hair! DOH!

Peeling the mask off was easy enough and not painful at all. My face felt really soft after as well.

My plan was to do the face mask at night, so I could leave the moisturiser to sink in overnight. I am SO glad I did this, as the moisturiser is thick, so takes a while to soak in.

The next morning I woke up and my skin was very soft.

You may have noticed that my writing is not the usual style for me. Do I sound like I am holding back?
Why am I leaving it a whole week to write the post you ask?

Answer: Because I am a *little* pissed off.

Thursday morning comes, still with lovely soft skin...and the WORST break out EVER. Those little spots are more prominent. Little spots that were brewing...were worse.

Now I read the packet and it claims that "Calming tea tree and soothing canadian willowherb will grab dirt and clear impurites. Witch hazel helps target problem areas." So surely perfect for a few spots that were brewing?

Apologies for the bad photos of myself, but they were the only way to get clear photos!

After peeling the mask off - the next day - a week later!
To give the mask some credit, I do feel a tad hormonal, so my spots MAY worsen. However I have been taking my anit-biotics and supplements and there has NEVER been a purge/break out of this scale. When I go to work, I need to wear make up, but it just refuses to stay put when I have zits constantly busting on out! The patch by the side of my mouth is grim. Honestly, these photos are very kind...they are concealing so much.

Crunch time: Personally, I won't be trying this face mask again. That's pretty obvious.

However, I am not dismissing it completely. To be fair, I should have taken more time to consider that this would happen. I knew it would, just not this scale!

If you have particularly sensitive or acne prone skin, walk away. This is probably TOO strong for you. I thought I had my skin and acne under control, but maybe not eh?!

Then again, if you do have skin which doesn't break out and could do with a brighten up, this could be for you! 

Anybody else out there tried this face mask?
Have you had any adverse reactions to any treatments before?

Street's like a jungle,
So call the police.
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Monday, 15 April 2013

Freebies of the week! #30

I have had NO post recently! GUTTING.

I have won a few things, but I always think that unless they are in my current possession, they don't actually count!

However I think this is a complete bargain, so if you have £3.80 in your pocket, go get this, you cheeky little beauty and bargain lovers ;)

So for £3.80 you get the magazine, 2 L'Oreal samples, a small tube of Jergens Ultra Healing moisturiser and a Ciate nail polish! I picked the shimmery gold shade as I am quite partial to gold nail varnish. Don't judge me! ;)
Considering the polish is worth £9.00, this is such a fab deal! I bought this in Marks & Spencer with some gift vouchers, so it's like the whole lot was free...kinda.

I also got a free packet of Percy Pigs with my Priority Moments. My laziness is prevailing today and I cannot be arsed to take a picture of them, so I nicked a picture from Wikipedia. We all know what Percy Pigs are anyway!  

Did you get a copy of Marie Claire this month?
Anybody tried Percy Pigs before?! I haven't!

She killed it with kisses,
and from it she fled.
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Thursday, 11 April 2013

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Cult classic?


St Ives Apricot Scrub has to be one of those products which I will always remember. The first exfoliator that springs to mind.

The St Ives Facebook was doing some free samples of this last year, so naturally I signed up. I wasn't expecting such a generous sample though! SWEET.

The product description says that it is gentle, but compared to the usual exfoliators I use, it really isn't. Little gritty bits of walnut shell are scratchier than powders after all! I have to say, I'm not one for rougher exfoliators on my face. However, I don't mind this as much, especially when my face is screaming, "LOOK! COMBINATION PERSON! HAHA!" to the world.

It is fantastic for getting those dry bits off which your flannel just won't get.

I also use this as a foot scrub as well. Normally the foot scrub of choice is soap and sugar, but the effort of going downstairs, going to the kitchen....yaawwnn...

A few weeks ago I borrowed some of this product from a friend, who had a tube with very different packaging, which makes me wonder if the reason for the samples was due to a relaunch? Needless to say, my skin did not react as kindly to it as the newer product. Maybe that was why I avoided St Ives as a teenager? The formula might have changed and be suitable for me now?

Well I have disregarded my opinions from my early teenage years to say that I now really enjoy this face scrub! I wouldn't use it every few days as the instructions suggest (as I do not trust my skin) but once a week, is a good refresher.

St Ives Apricot Scrub is £4.29 in Boots HERE

Have you changed your opinions of products over the years?

Everybody's gonna love today...
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Monday, 8 April 2013

Freebies of the Week! #29 (More focussed on Bon Jovi. Ooops.)


Okay, not really the end of the world to be honest, but I am very disappointed in myself...! Although less so in the fact that I worked a LOT and spent as much free time as possible with Candy and my friends.

However I did actually spot a fantastic deal for all you beauty fans out there, so look out for a post tomorrow!

Or tonight. It depends.

Currently I am watching my favourite Bon Jovi concert. Live in London 1995. If you haven't seen it, go watch it.

Now. Go on. Shoo.

Just kidding, hang around a bit, just watch it HERE instead and read on... ;)

Seven days til Saturday is all that I need...
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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Come walk with me...and Bob.

So obviously I walk my dog on a daily basis. However sometimes it's easy to forget where you are and to just crack on with the chores.

Doesn't make it fun for the doggies either!
We start by walking along a path, near the start of the stream. This is where the last of the ducks hang around...there aren't as many as there used to be when I was a kiddie. 

So this is where the Brickfields start. This is St Margaret's Church with the Edith May Barge.

Obviously whilst I am taking photos, Bob has already found me a stick. Naughty boy, sticks aren't for doggies! Luckily for him he was pulling nice faces so was forgiven!

Tide is going out which is a shame...results in a lotta mud and that's about it!

The beach is made of brick, stone and glass because the barges from London used to dump the rubbish here. There's also an old brickworks roughly a mile away.

As you walk up along the sea wall, there's signs of spring! Daffodils and crocuses are growing already!

 It's not just water at the Brickfields, there's also woodland areas and marshlands.

It's all rather blowy and chilly though. Even Bob's hair is all over the place!
I always wonder about the stories of the owners of these boats. There's a few shipwrecks around here.
When I was younger I would try to make the stories up to myself...there was usually mermaids, which would be very odd for the location!

Whilst I am faffing about with cameras and headphones, Bob likes to leave me alone for a bit. I think he likes to think that goes to pretend to hunt rabbits, but he's not fast or smart enough, bless him!

But when it comes down to it, it's nice to look straight forward, carry on, and know that your boy stays by your side. He doesn't like to stray too far, that'll be his sheepdog training. Plus the fact that he's such a soppy  boy!

So dog owners, do you walk your dog anywhere nice?
Tweet me photos @AshiSpacePirate! I'm a sucker for an animal photo!

I love my dog
as much as I love you.
You make me think,
That my dog will always come through.
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March Empties

Another month gone! Can't believe we are in April already.

Hair Products

Frederic Fekkai Salon Glaze
So not bothered by this. Read the review HERE if ya wanna.
Would I repurchase? No

Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner
Not much to say, it's pretty standard Pantene. Used when I stayed away from home.
Would I repurchase? No

Facial Skincare

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel
A great cleanser if you have acne! This was the cleanser I first went to when I set up a proper skincare routine. I tried some other stuff, then came back to this. However, I don't like it anymore weirdly! I think I don't like how it foams.
Would I repurchase? No, but I would if I had to

Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion Sample
My go to moisturiser before I switched to Active Moist
Would I repurchase? No, but once again, if I had to...

Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser Sample
The cleanser I have welcomed back with open arms! I much prefer this cleanser.
Would I repurchase? Yes! Already have done, in full size

Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier Sample
Oooft. This has to be my new holy grail product.
Would I repurchase? If I can afford it, full size here I come!


Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream Sample
Oh my I love this. Review to come.
Would I repurchase? Once again, if the pennies are there, yes!

Dove Invisible Dry Compressed Deodorant
I gave Mum my Sure deodorant the other day. These are the way forward.
Would I repurchase? Already bought one! Review HERE

Lynx Attract for Her shower gel
Surprisingly, I miss this. From first use, I thought I wouldn't be bothered...
Would I repurchase? I may do! Review HERE

There we are! I am actually pretty good at finishing up products, now I am actually trying. I never used to finish anything.

Have you tried any of these products? What have you finished up this month?

Try to hold me down,
You can't stop me now.
I paid my dues.
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Friday, 5 April 2013

Frederic Fekkai Salon Glaze

So once again, the empties post didn't go up on time. To be fair though, I worked an 8 hour shift today, then the internet went down. It is finally back, but I can at least do photos in the daylight tomorrow.

Once again, I digress.

A few weeks ago, Mum gave me a sample that she found in her drawer. This is the Frederic Fekkai Salon Glaze.

Now I got confused and thought this was a conditioning treatment, but as I was in the shower, I realised that I was wrong! After I shampooed and conditioned, I applied this treatment for 5 minutes and rinsed.

The theory is that my hair should have a silky shine and colour should be boosted.

Yeah...not really.

The product smelt not to dissimilar to something I would use on a building site. Although I didn't find it offensive, it wasn't the greatest smell for hair! It looked pretty though; pearly and glittery.

I was only really impressed with the appearance. Sadly I didn't notice any difference in terms of how shiney my hair was. If anything, I think I have had more compliments on the days that I just wash my hair normally!

I am also very confused about the instructions. "Can be used everyday or 2-3 times per week."

Hold up...WHA?! So I can use it how many times per week?

Might as well say; do whatever you want.

I hate writing negative posts but I was really disappointed actually. Nothing wowed me about it. However if you fancy trying this, it is £12.95 on Amazon HERE.

Have you tried a treatment like this before?

All we hear is Radio Gaga...
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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March's Haul

I'm thinking about making a monthly haul post, of all the things I have bought in the month.

I know that there are a lot of beauty and fashion bloggers out there, but who knows, some of you might wanna see some of the random bits, like horsey stuff or DVDs?


I always think that George at Asda is pretty good for the basics, when compared to Primark. These vest tops are £3.00 and are far better quality than Primarni...they last so much longer and the colour range is so much nicer!

Everybody knows that Montagne Jeunesse are kings of the face mask world and everytime I pop into Asda, I have to pick at least one up. This time I went for the T-Zone Peel Off, which has two stages. I also picked up some of their pore strips; they do nothing for me, but my father-figure finds them to be great as his pores are HUGE!

I am new to the Yankee Candle craze, but just cannot justify spending so much money on a candle! In Asda the tartlets are £1, but so are these ones, which are bigger! I picked scents which are more neutral or gently flowery, as I do not really like food scents.


Mum spotted this beaut in Primark the other day, reduced to £5! She then went back the next day and managed to find the last khaki one for me! Although that means we both have the same one! Oops.


The Breakfast Club on DVD. Just read this, all will be explained!


3 for 2 on No7 kills me. The blush (replacement!) was £8, the make up remover was £8.50, so one of the eyeliners was free! However I wanted another, so paid £6.50 for two eyeliners tecnically?! I had the £5.00 off skincare voucher too.

The Oil-Free Mattifying Lotion was free too, with a voucher from the Advantage Card machine. It was featured in last week's freebie's post.

I also bought another Dove Compressed Deodorant, but forgot to photograph it. They're currently £1.92 in Boots, so stock up quick! You can read my thoughts about it HERE if ya want!

In conclusion, my Boots goodies should have cost £35.38, but I paid £19.92! I also had a voucher for 150 points if I spent over £15.00 + the additional 16 from my purchases. Bargain!


Okay, a little boring...tracksuit! This is a running tracksuit as I am planning on doing Race For Life so need to get practising. On the plus side, it makes my bum look AMAZING.

 A Musto polo can set you back £45.00. I spotted this one for £8.00 so took it straight to the till.

Words couldn't express my glee when I realised it was a ZARA PHILLIPS polo! EEEK!



Oh we all know it's hard not to pick something up at the MUA counter. I LOVE my Shimmer Kisses bronzer so I kinda had to get the blush too(!) I also picked up a single eyeshadow as the pearly white colour will be handy to try and brighten up my dark eyes.


Amber is the lovely lady who fixes my eyebrows and I buy my  Dermalogica products from her. I finished my cleanser and decided to go back to the Dermal Clay Cleanser which is my favourite. I also used up my moisturiser, so I got a new tube of Active Moist.

PHEW. I had a busy month! I did also get a few other bits that I forgot about, like Garnier moisturisers, B Pure Micellar Water, magazines and whatnot, but I have probably bored you all already!

What's been your favourite purchase from March?

So what do you say?
You can't give me my dreams when they're mine anyway.
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