Saturday, 23 March 2013

Pay attention to expiration dates!

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Originally this post was going to be me gushing about how much I ADORE the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliners.

Love these! Ivy and violet.
For what it's worth, I do adore them. A lot.

However this post has taken a turn for the negative. Not necessarily towards these particular eyeliners though.

Word of warning: 
The following photos aren't disgusting, but if you aren't a fan of eyes, then there's no point in reading on!

Use by dates on pots are there for a reason. Factor in sensitive eyes and you are just asking for trouble.
*ahem* Speaking from experience.

To be honest, the violet one in particular started to smell dodgy. But I kept using them.

My eyes started to dry out a bit. Cracked and peeled. Went a bit red. Were a bit weepy. But I kept using them.

Note the red line? That's the line of my eyeliner from
that day, in red swelling and cracked peely skin instead.

I think when my eye started to swell on a regular basis, I started to notice something. A regular basis being whenever I used these eyeliners in particular! (They swelled up when I used eyeliner in general, but the gel eyeliners in particular; probably due to the application process.)

Nice and swollen there...

So yeah, it hurts. Khol pencils caused a little swelling, but a lot less. This is probably due to the eye already feeling sensitive. The gel eyeliners on the other hand; these are applied using a brush. To get a bolder line, with the drying-out product, I would have to apply a fair amount of product. Just a recipe for pain really.

If you are interested, my eyes have healed since taking these photos. I used Dermalogica Barrier Repair gel on them, when I wasn't picking the skin in fury! The fury is mostly due to having to have eyeshadow free eyes at work for ages! BOO.

Morals of the story:
 When products smell, don't blame it on the boyfriend's flatmate's ear stretchers. 
Trust your gut and not your eyeliner. 
When your eyes are scabby, don't go into denial.

And we'll all be lonely tonight,
And lonely tomorrow


  1. This looks so sore :(

    Dusterknuckles | Fashion // Beauty // Lifestyle

    1. It was! That wasn't the worst it has been either! Lesson learnt!

  2. :O Bloody hell! Hope you're okay now xxx


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