Thursday, 22 November 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Break Out Mask

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I spotted this in Asda a few weeks ago and HAD to try it. A two part treatment for £1.48...can't say fairer than that! 

Although I refused to wear flowers and leaves on my eyes. I have none of these available. 

Firstly I washed my face with my usual cleanser. I also exfoliated at the same time. Made sense to.

Then I applied the facemask and jumped in the shower!

Another shot of my facemask. Mostly to show off my amazing PJs. Present from boyfriend last Christmas. Clever one he is!

After 15 minutes I rinsed the mask off and applied the moisturiser that is supplied. The moisturiser smells gorgeous; peppermint, tea tree...all sorts of  yumminess!

My skin felt a lot calmer and softer after this face mask. I wouldn't say it has helped to get rid of my break out, because it is being particularly stubborn; but it did feel cooler and less angry, which was good for when I was called into work last minute!

Montagne Jeunesse Break Out Mask can be found at Asda for £1.48 here.

And the more I see; the more I know.

The more I know; the less I understand...

I'm the changingman; built on shifting sands. 
I'm the changingman; I'm waiting for the bang, 
as I light a bitter fuse.

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