Thursday, 27 June 2013

Riding Gear: OOTD

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I like doing Outfit of the Day posts.

The thing is, I feel better in clothes like this, than an outfit that is "on trend."

This outfit made me feel good and confident. So I rode for the first time in a while and my ankle injury didn't flare up.

Another reason why life is pretty damn good.

My bargain Musto polo shirt from Matalan. £42 down to £8 or something ridiculous like that. Only when I got to the til did I realise it was a Zara Phillips one.

My brown jodphurs are by TBK and were a Christmas present. I love these as they look fab and have that lovely strip of light brown around the pocket. They aren't the stretchy ones though, so are a snug fit. These are usually about £25-£30.

My riding boots are by Just Togs and are about £40ish? I like them because they are steel toe caps. Candy has big feet that go everywhere! It's also reassuring that I can get close to the horses and not worry that they will crush my feet by accident!

I love my chaps so much. They are by Tuffa and are the suede half chaps. They are comfortable, fit so nice and if they get dirty, I can brush them clean.

In terms of other riding gear, I wear a Charles Owen Skull Cap and my favourite gloves are my Ariat Tek Grip in brown. (Surprise surprise!)

Any other riders out there? What are your favourite riding clothes?

Yeah it's always better 
when we're together

Candy with Mum's latest prize

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