Friday, 7 June 2013

Heartbreak Recovery: Day 3

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Day Three: Exam Day

Wake up to the sound of a bed vibrating extensively. Alex is deaf so has a thingie that makes his bed vibrate so he wakes up. It's 6am. Ouch.

Get up and dressed. Have a mild panic. Everything is getting too much recently.

Meet up with Saeed who is an economics genius. Revise a lot.

Lunchtime. Agree to stop and have some fun to put me in a good mood. Watch videos of drunk people.

Meet Alex again. On a constant panic. Walk to the exam in the pouring rain.

Get into the exam. Am sat away from my coursemates. Feel a bit lonely! Keep panicking. Keep thinking about him, missing him. Start crying in a panic.

Man up. Do the exam.

Launch oneself at Alex once it is all over. Head to Mojos for a celebration pint and chips. Nearly beat him at pool.

Head to Park Bar. Meet my (hopefully) future coursemates. Drink pints WAY too fast. Sing Bon Jovi songs with Saeed.

Get a taxi at 7:00 and go to the station. Get on a train. Put bag on seat next to me. Face plant into bag. Fall asleep for 25 minutes.

Stumble around London. Reach St Pancras. Spend £32.84 in Boots, getting all the bonus points, offers and freebies. Somehow.

Take shoes off because they pinch.

Laugh at strange man on the platform taking pictures of the train information. Take a photo of him. (Realise the next morning that you look more weird as you pretty much photographed your foot.)

Sleep on the train. Get a lift home. Drive to the house.


The drugs don't work,
They just make you worse,
but I know I'll see your face again.

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