Friday, 21 June 2013

Heartbreak Recovery: Part 7

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Part 7: Okay.

From the point where my last post finishes, a lot has happened.

I have:
- Sent way too many dodgy SnapChats
- Worked my arse off, earning money wherever possible.

Back at my old job...gardening!
- Sung to the top of my lungs in the car.
- Shopped an awful lot.
- Spent time with my family.
Snapchatting with the fam too!
- Finally braved riding my horse. (Currently dealing with the pain!)
- Made new friends
- Gotten drunk and crashed down a bouncy castle slide. Crashed off the side too. Many times...

No wonder I was in pain!

- Filmed a few YouTube videos
- Completed a course that makes me Health & Safety store champion (Getting me closer to my chosen career!)
- Run around the streets at 3am with Jade, Stacey and Bruno the puppy!

- Sorted my room out so that it feels fresher
- Danced to Bon Jovi A LOT.
- Listened to this video way too much. Bruce Springsteen AND Jon Bon Jovi. HEAVEN.

However I think what is more important is that I am happy. Sometimes I am driving my car and I realise that I am smiling to myself. I have no reason to; I just keep smiling.

For the past few weeks I have realised a few things:

- True friends and family will support you
- The support from fellow bloggers will always make me smile
- I can be sad, but it doesn't mean I have to hurt myself in the process
- I am more disappointed that I have lost my best friend, than my boyfriend
- Bon Jovi never change and their music makes me eternally happy
- Life goes on.

I was planning on doing this series of posts for a bit longer, but I don't want to look back at how I have felt recently, because if I do, I want to think of the fun, happy times.

I don't want to be sad about him either, because I have been thinking of some of our memories and they were good. They still make me smile. Any problems at the end, well that was clearly a sign, but I wouldn't change anything.
No regrets, they don't work.
No regrets now, they only hurt.

Now it is time to keep living life like I have been recently. Having fun, taking each day as it comes, taking all opportunities that arise, saying yes more. These past few weeks have been amazing and this is how I want to see in my 21st!

Don't look back in anger,
I heard you say.
At least not today.

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