Monday, 22 April 2013

Freebies of the week! #31

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I have a new habit of doing these posts on a Monday. It would appear that a routine of work and horse work has naturally materialised, thus resulting in no daylight to take any decent photos.

Oh wait, my photos aren't great anyway.


Oh I love a beauty freebie.

Firstly, a sample of the L'Oreal CC cream. I picked the mauve one which transforms dull skin. Although to be honest, I could do with one of each: I have dull skin, tired skin and red skin. Maybe the BB cream does all of them? I get confused.

L'Oreal also enclosed a sample of their BB cream. I already have a sample of this, which I haven't used, purely because they are both in the shade Medium. Only in the height of Summer, am I nearing a medium shade!

Also, I recieved a sample of the new Taylor Swift perfume; Wonderstruck Enchanted. I am looking forward to trying this one out and getting some opinions.

Lastly, I won a competition! I will be doing a proper post about this later on this week. Here's a little teaser that I posted on Twitter last week...

Anybody else a Swifty too?!
I will be putting on geek glasses and dancing around when I wear it! ;)

Cause we,
are never ever ever, getting back together!

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