Saturday, 6 April 2013

Come walk with me...and Bob.

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So obviously I walk my dog on a daily basis. However sometimes it's easy to forget where you are and to just crack on with the chores.

Doesn't make it fun for the doggies either!
We start by walking along a path, near the start of the stream. This is where the last of the ducks hang around...there aren't as many as there used to be when I was a kiddie. 

So this is where the Brickfields start. This is St Margaret's Church with the Edith May Barge.

Obviously whilst I am taking photos, Bob has already found me a stick. Naughty boy, sticks aren't for doggies! Luckily for him he was pulling nice faces so was forgiven!

Tide is going out which is a shame...results in a lotta mud and that's about it!

The beach is made of brick, stone and glass because the barges from London used to dump the rubbish here. There's also an old brickworks roughly a mile away.

As you walk up along the sea wall, there's signs of spring! Daffodils and crocuses are growing already!

 It's not just water at the Brickfields, there's also woodland areas and marshlands.

It's all rather blowy and chilly though. Even Bob's hair is all over the place!
I always wonder about the stories of the owners of these boats. There's a few shipwrecks around here.
When I was younger I would try to make the stories up to myself...there was usually mermaids, which would be very odd for the location!

Whilst I am faffing about with cameras and headphones, Bob likes to leave me alone for a bit. I think he likes to think that goes to pretend to hunt rabbits, but he's not fast or smart enough, bless him!

But when it comes down to it, it's nice to look straight forward, carry on, and know that your boy stays by your side. He doesn't like to stray too far, that'll be his sheepdog training. Plus the fact that he's such a soppy  boy!

So dog owners, do you walk your dog anywhere nice?
Tweet me photos @AshiSpacePirate! I'm a sucker for an animal photo!

I love my dog
as much as I love you.
You make me think,
That my dog will always come through.

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