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30 ways to save a pound

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I was brought up to be careful and budget with money. We all have trouble with money at some point in our lives and it is important to understand what things are actually worth.

Money Supermarket are doing a challenge where bloggers can think of 30 ways to save £1 and they'll pay up to £30 for them! Plus all the bloggers who do the challenge will be put into a hat and one could win £1000! If there are over 1000 tips, then they will DOUBLE the prize to £2000!

This challenge is right up my street! It's the essence of me and my blog!

Source: Money Supermarket
1. Save those pennies! It's basic but true! See a penny, pick it up...

2. Bulk buy. If the opportunity is there (and you have the storage!) take it. Face it, student houses WILL use all that toilet roll.

3. Charity shops are getting rid of winter stock at the moment, stock up for next winter. I just bought all my hoodies for later this year.

4. When payday comes, STOP! Budget for the month and pay in cash.

5. Fill up your car with petrol in multiples of £5 or £10. That extra 35p each time isn't making that much of addition to your tank.

6. Whilst you are at it, fill the tank in one go! You'll get more for your money and you won't be paying for air!
A little bit of Ryan for you ladies... Source
7. Just because Primark is cheap, do the clothes actually last?! Spend a bit more on your basic items like t-shirts and you won't be buying them so often.

8. Don't be afraid of buying that top because it is damaged or has foundation on it. Could you fix it yourself? Stand up tall and ask for discount. If need be, be assertive and speak to the manager. You don't actually HAVE to shop there and if anything you will be doing them a favour. They'd have damaged stock lying around. As someone who has to damage off stock, it's mad how much stuff could still be used.

9. Walk more! Get off the bus a stop earlier, saves a few pennies and keeps you fit

10. I'm a sucker for the Sainsburys Tuna Crunch Roll. Especially on a meal deal. But I can actually make it at home for a fraction of the price. Bring lunch to work Ashleigh, save £3! (Half an hours work...)

11. Do your research. I was quoted £600 for my car insurance renewal. However, after  a quick Money Supermarket comparison, a company quoted me £500 for fully comprehensive. A bit more research showed that my current and the other company were actually SISTER COMPANIES! A confident phone call later, one insured car, a £100 saving a happy girlie!

Yes I pay to have my car cleaned...that's my treat! And it actually works out cheaper, promise!
12. Don't have an NUS card? Wave your student card at the direction of retailers. I cannot have an NUS card due to not being fully enrolled, but my student card still works!

13. Points cards are an excellent way of making bonuses from your spending. Advantage Card...we beauty bloggers salute you!

14. Food shopping online can be a great way of controlling your food spend. Ocado price match to Tesco and you can buy a Smart Pass. £110 pays for your delivery for a year; whatever time and however many deliveries you want. £246.50 worth of deliveries or £110? Plus added bonuses...hmmmm....!

15. I ask for my hair products, facial cleansing and make up for birthdays/Christmas as I tend to buy myself what I need the rest of the year. My family just want to give me a gift, it doesn't matter what! Isn't that more useful than something pointless?

16. If you are going to eat out at a chain, check for vouchers or discount codes. I can count the amount of times Jamie and I haven't used a voucher on my left hand..there's nothing wrong with it!

Pretty eh?! Review here ;)
17. Go to a local college for treatments. It might take longer, but a manicure for a fiver is alright.

18. Better that, take the time and do the manicure yourself or with friends

19. Sneak snacks into the cinema. Don't take the moral highground, we have all done it. Do you really even need a snack? We don't need them when we watch telly at home!

20. Buy a proper tupperware box for your lunch. Plastic bags everyday tend to add up

21. Reduced vegetables can be a lifesaver. Courgettes, onions, aubergine, mushrooms, cheap can of tomatoes = pasta sauce prepped in advance. Freeze in individual bags for quick meals. (Can be defrosted in microwave with no problems either!)

22. Go to the market. You can get great in season veg, super cheap, in vast quantities! Then cook everything in advance, just like the point above... ^^

23. Take that sample of toothpaste from the dentist. You spend 20 quid on a check up which took 5 minutes...I say you are owed a little bonus. Especially when you become too old for the Tom & Jerry stickers.

24. Back to the reduced section...freeze everything! My friends wondered how Jamie and I could afford VEAL BURGERS last year...

25. Cut the lids off moisturisers, shampoos, conditioners....anything. A few extra uses has to be worth it.

26. Out of foot cream? A large tub of Petroleum Jelly from Wilkos is 55p and it will last FOREVER. Slap that on, add some socks and you are sorted!

27. Buy books from a charity shop. For £1 you could have a book, then donate it back after. I am terrible for getting overdue fines from the library, it's a safer and cheaper option for me!

28. Credit cards are risky. However, if you are in control, you could benefit. John Lewis' Partnership card offers 16.9% APR and you can earn John Lewis and Waitrose vouchers as you shop.

29. When you want to spend money, DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Are you sure that you don't just feel rubbish or bored? Use your time efficiently. Another pair of shoes won't make you happy, but a clean room might?

30. Be confident. Figure out how much things are actually WORTH. When you understand worth, then you really will save money.

I hope these tips will help you save a bit of money! Do you have any money saving ideas?

I need a dollar dollar,
a dollar is what I need

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