Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

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When I buy my foundation and powder from Bobbi Brown, I end up spending an obscene amount of money. That's just what happens. I think the ladies might recognise me now.

I believe that this is the best and only foundation out there for me, therefore I do not want to waste money on  trying anything else.

(Although I am intrigued to see if anything could beat it. I am not dismissing any other brands!)

Anyway, as I spent a fair bit of money, the lady at the counter kindly gave me a sample of their Hydrating Face Cream.

To be honest, I really thought I wouldn't be that bothered by it. The lady did say that it would suit combination skin, so I tried it.

Then I fell in love.

It does what it says on the tin. It hydrates. All my dry patches were gone. You know those bits where the spots just dry out and won't budge? GONE. This could be down to the Algae extract?! (Sounds grim but hey, if it works...) My oily zones...not added to either!

This moisturiser is also a great base. I have never used a face primer before, but the lady told me that it would be an ideal primer. My make up definitely lasted longer compared to using my normal moisturiser.

Honestly, if  I had £36 to spend on moisturiser, I would buy this. My tiny little jar lasted ages. But I don't. So unless I am given any vouchers for it, I will be begrudgingly staying at home, without any of this product.

If you want to buy this moisturiser, you can buy this HERE for £36.00. Bobbi Brown is also at John Lewis or House of Fraser.

Are you recognised at your favourite make-up counter too?!

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