Monday, 29 April 2013

Soap & Glory 2 Minute Rinse

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Soap & Glory, the favourite brand of most Beauty Bloggers do a weekly competition about the 2 Minute Rinse.

Basically the challenge is to shower within two minutes, thus saving time and water!

A few weeks ago, I was Rinser of the Week! This was due to finding out that I had to be at work at 7am! So I perfected my 2 Minute Rinse, which gave me plenty of time to do my make up and take the quick route to work, to have a nap in my car!

My boss was also late so I managed a 25 minute nap! HURRAH!

I told Soap & Glory this and they picked me! Then the packet of goodies arrived...

I love a hair mask and Hair Supply sounds right up my street! That familiar Soap & Glory scent, in a lightweight conditioning treatment. Endless Glove smells GORGEOUS. Initially the scent is odd, then smell it again...oh my it smells like sweeties!

Now I thought the products were a fab prize...a tshirt was included! This is ideal for me as I wear lots of loose baggy tops at this time of year.

Here comes the serious bit. The prizes and the competition are fun, but do remember that the main point is that we all need to try to save water. Understandably more time and water is used when washing your hair, but just think; do you really need to stand in the shower for 5 more minutes because it is warm?!

By the way...I'm a bit of a "save our resources" geek!
Have you tried the 2 minute rinse? It's harder than you think!

And I think everything is going to be alright,
No matter what we do tonight...

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