Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Montagne Jeunesse T-Zone Peel Off

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Last Tuesday, I spied a couple of little red spots on my face. I had dry bits and my T Zone appeared to be extra oily.

I had lots of plans for the week so figured that a face mask might do me some good and brighten my face up.

Hmm. Nice face/red eye there Ashi...
I cleansed my face with my Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser, then applied the mask. There was a little bit of tingling, but in a good way. I figured this was the tea tree and witch hazel.

After 15/20mins I peeled the mask off. Some of the mask hadn't dried so I did have to scrub a few patches, like on the side of my face where I managed to apply it to my hair! DOH!

Peeling the mask off was easy enough and not painful at all. My face felt really soft after as well.

My plan was to do the face mask at night, so I could leave the moisturiser to sink in overnight. I am SO glad I did this, as the moisturiser is thick, so takes a while to soak in.

The next morning I woke up and my skin was very soft.

You may have noticed that my writing is not the usual style for me. Do I sound like I am holding back?
Why am I leaving it a whole week to write the post you ask?

Answer: Because I am a *little* pissed off.

Thursday morning comes, still with lovely soft skin...and the WORST break out EVER. Those little spots are more prominent. Little spots that were brewing...were worse.

Now I read the packet and it claims that "Calming tea tree and soothing canadian willowherb will grab dirt and clear impurites. Witch hazel helps target problem areas." So surely perfect for a few spots that were brewing?

Apologies for the bad photos of myself, but they were the only way to get clear photos!

After peeling the mask off - the next day - a week later!
To give the mask some credit, I do feel a tad hormonal, so my spots MAY worsen. However I have been taking my anit-biotics and supplements and there has NEVER been a purge/break out of this scale. When I go to work, I need to wear make up, but it just refuses to stay put when I have zits constantly busting on out! The patch by the side of my mouth is grim. Honestly, these photos are very kind...they are concealing so much.

Crunch time: Personally, I won't be trying this face mask again. That's pretty obvious.

However, I am not dismissing it completely. To be fair, I should have taken more time to consider that this would happen. I knew it would, just not this scale!

If you have particularly sensitive or acne prone skin, walk away. This is probably TOO strong for you. I thought I had my skin and acne under control, but maybe not eh?!

Then again, if you do have skin which doesn't break out and could do with a brighten up, this could be for you! 

Anybody else out there tried this face mask?
Have you had any adverse reactions to any treatments before?

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