Friday, 14 December 2012

Nails of the Day #3

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Today's nails are painted terribly, I must apologise. But I think the gorgeous colour makes it forgiveable!

OPI - Unripened

This is a very dark, glittering green colour from OPI's Goth collection. I adore this colour! It is a shame that I am so terrible at painting my fingernails with miniature bottles; my toes always look better! I'm sure with more practice I will get better at it; the problem with having long nails eh?!

I have started to use Sally Hansen's Double Duty Base Coat which has kept my nails intact for longer. Thank you to Tiffy from xtiffyxx for suggesting it to me!

Next week is my work's Christmas Meal, so expect lots of NOTD posts whilst I try to figure out which colour to wear...or what clothes to wear?!

So if you want to love me, 
Then darlin' don't refrain.
Or I'll just end up walkin'
In the cold November Rain

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