Saturday, 22 December 2012

A week in photos #7

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It's been a busy one!

Being a good girl and having a massive brush cleaning seshwaaaaan!

Candy looking less than impressed with her new bib.

Left: Oh Finlay, do I apologise for your photos, or should Jamie apologise for the hat?!
 Right: Fairy light chaos in the Smith household!

Sunny boy helping with wrapping pressies

In PJs nice and early. I miss getting promotional alcohol tshirts from uni. I <3 Coors.

Got my car cleaned. It is looking DENCH.

Present I got for Grandma's birthday. Check out the website here! Gorgeous olive wood too.

Present from Mum!

Jamie's Liberty present. He's rather chuffed!
My present from Liberty.

How kind!

Jamie's not so lil bro playing Joseph at his school's nativity. His girlfriend was Mary. Too cute!

A rather muddy end to this week's photos!

Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?

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