Saturday, 15 December 2012

My Haircare Routine

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Many years I have spent trying to figure out what products are best for my hair. I have also spent years trying to get my hair to a place where I am happy with it too!

Currently I am content with my hairstyle. It is long and naturally dead straight. It is a mousey brown; in the summer it gets blonder and much darker in the winter. However I now have more blonde highlights as I tend to need the brightening up in the winter; personally!

My hair...very straight!

In terms of haircare, I keep it simple. I suffer from psoriasis on my scalp which is worsened when I am stressed. Obviously this means that I end up with dandruff and greasy hair. Gorgeous...

Naturally, my hairdresser told me the best products to use that will combat these problems. She recommended that I use Paul Mitchell's Shampoo Two. I'd say it is like a daily deep clean; it cleans everything from your hair, leaving it squeeky clean, without leaving it dry. Look Fantastic says, "Shampoo Two is formulated with wheat-derived conditioners and extracts of chamomile, henna, and rosemary, aloe vera, and jojoba that add body, fullness and shine to your hair." So true. 

However the ends of my hair do tend to get quite dry, mostly because I usually rinse and repeat with Shampoo Two daily and that I am lazy when conditioning. I use Paul Mitchell's Super Strong Daily conditioner to fix my ends. It is exactly what it says; super strong conditioner that can be used everyday. It definitely does not weigh it down either. Look Fantastic say that it, "rebuilds and protects hair that has been damaged by chemical, environmental, or thermal abuse." Thermal abuse...that's you lot with your straighteners and no product! Mind you, I do the same. I have my hairdryer on the hottest settings.

The best trick with conditioner is to always put it on the ends of your hair. Your roots don't need the extra moisture! Oh, and ALWAYS leave your conditioner on for at least a minute; give it a chance to work! That's another bad thing I forget to do.

My favourites!

Don't be alarmed; I buy my shampoo and conditioner in salon sizes. It works out far cheaper and lasts longer too. It is so worth the pump too! You use the correct amount if you do.

Shampoo Two can be bought here for £21.50
Super Strong Daily Conditioner can be bought here for £35.50

That's all the products that I use! For a girl, you would expect more! The only other products that I am known to use are L'Oreal Elnette hairspray or TIGI Bed Head Styleshots Epic Volume conditioner. If I have a bit of extra cash, I treat myself to a tube of it. It smells like sweets and leaves my hair soft and shiney. In the meanwhile, for a pick me up, I use sachets or samples of various leave in treatments.

Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you,
When you think everything's okay and everything's going right...


  1. Naturally straight hair!!!! I am SO jealous :( Mine is naturally a wavy, frizzy mess! - Think 'dragged through a hedge, lengthways' kinda look! - Wanna swap?! Haha xxx

    1. It goes a bit kinky or wavy by the second day, but I brush it and it's back to dead straight again! I would swap though, I'd like wavy hair! xxx


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