Thursday, 6 December 2012

MUA Shimmer Kisses Bronzer

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My first bronzer. Oh how scared I was!

For someone who has never even tried bronzer, seeing those big plastic packages of brown powder in the shops are quite daunting; I don't want to get the wrong one and make myself the wrong colour!

Then there was the issue of application. I mean seriously, if I hadn't even worn bronzer before, I was hardly able to put it on?!

Then price came into it. If I didn't like it, it would be a waste of money; of which I don't have much at the moment!

So when I saw this from MUA, I just knew I had to try it.

The Shimmer Kisses Bronzer is so pretty! It is exactly what I wanted; a little bit of colour where I need it the most. With the four shades, I can build the colour to how I want it. The description on the website is fantastic; it tells you how to apply it. MUA also have their own Blogger page, where they teach you how to make the most of the product. A complete novice like myself needs this advice sometimes. I felt less scared after!

The swatches are lovely. As per usual, MUA have got pigmentation down to a T. When I swatched them, I knew that if I didn't like it as a bronzer, I could easily use this as more eyeshadows.

No need. Love it, love it, love it! I have no photos of  me wearing this, but it looks very nice on. I put it on top of my blusher, on my forehead, centre of nose and my chin, which I learnt is where the light hits the face. The ideal thing about this bronzer is that it is subtle but still effective.

I bought this in store at my local Superdrug, but you can buy it for £3.00 on the MUA website here.

I knew you were trouble when you walked in,
So shame on me now...


  1. Ooo, great review, think i'll have to pick this one up! Have you tried using the lightest shade as a highlighter? I'm wondering if it would work. :)

    1. I'm having a make up day off today, but I will give it a go tomorrow! Fab idea! :)


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