Sunday, 9 September 2012

Mystery revealed! Clearasil Cleanser

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so earlier on this year, there was a big hype over a mystery sample product. Samples were sent and asked to be tried out. A countdown clock ticked by the days until the world found out what the "Skincare Revolution" was.

I'm about to spoil it for you.


Now I was a bit let down I have to admit. I was expecting the new "tiger blood" for skin or something like that. But fair play as a marketing strategy.

Now previous experience with Clearasil hasn't been positive. I didn't have spotty skin until (still do) my late teens. But I was reluctant to have a skincare regime. I was 13. I was focussed on passing maths and not getting hit with a hockey stick in PE. So Mum got me a Clearasil product which was blue, I wiped it over my face, it cleaned it, Bob's your Uncle. However my young skin found it a tad harsh which resulted in it being quite dried out. So when I realised that the mystery product was Clearasil, I wasn't that bothered.

Skip forward to present day, 20 year old me has that dreaded acne. With antibiotics and usual Dermalogica skincare regime struggling,  (Mum is happy now) it was time to bring in the big guns. In small sample format.

When I opened the packet of facewash, I was surprised to see a white-ish blue product, not clear blue like other products in the range. It smells great too, fresh and clean. The product said to use as a normal facewash twice a day or a mask 3 times a week. With my previous experiences and fears of Clearasil, I used it once a day, with my usual Dermalogica toner and moisturiser.
Apologies for dressing gown!

Day one:
Product smells great
Used as a wash
Face feels clean and fresh

Day two:
Product used as a mask
Doesn't feel too heavy
Face feels brighter

Day three:
Product used as a wash
Skin feels softer
Stubborn acne is drying out finally

I was very impressed by the product. It felt great and smelled lovely. The images of the fruit on the packet were nice, it really made the idea of a cool, refreshing facewash. I was impressed how it also managed to dry up my spots, however if that was used once a day and it cleaned up that fast, I can only assume that it is still a bit strong for me to use daily.

(Face is brighter and acne near temples nearly gone)

Regardless, I would still recommend it to friends as it really does work! I may buy it in the future, maybe as a product to use sparingly when my face breaks out. Me likey!

"Because she's....
a mystery..."

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