Thursday, 20 September 2012

Distraction time! BB? BB.

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So time for some distraction whilst I am in limbo.

Today it's all about the BB cream.

Now I have never understood the attraction or the excitement about BB creams. All I hear about them is how amazing they are, which isn't particularly helpful, I have to say.

As Cosmo has informed me that is is basically "a wonder cream." It covers blemishes and redness, evens out complexions, can be used as a primer for makeup, moisturise and brighten! Blimey!

I've even spied a Bobbi Brown BB with SPF 35. Now that is clever. But the price tag is a little bit...ouch?!

It may just be me, but all these promises and adverts were making me doubt these products. A miracle cream; yeah right. Even when I understood what it was, I didn't know how to apply the damn product!

After reading many blogs, I learnt that it could be applied as a tinted moisturiser, or as foundation. So it was rude not to give it a test, as there are many sachets of it in my glorious Storage Glossy Box of Goodies.

So. Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector. Lets be having you.

When I opened the sachet, I thought the product wouldn't have a smell, but I was surprised! A gently flowery smell really helps sell the product in my eyes. After all, I love my foundation, it would need to be an epic product for me to leave my Bobbi Brown.

It was fairly easy to apply the product; I was pleased that it covered a lot of my blemishes, being such a pale shade. I used a brush to apply the product, then put powder and blush on top, ready to go out! I love how fast it is!

This photo does not do the cream justice. It's a really good match.

Before: Dark circles, blemishes, a bit dull

After: Not easy to see but circles are lighter, blemishes covered

When I finished applying the product, I enjoyed how light my face felt and how evenly it covered. My camera is terrible, unfortunately the pictures don't show how good a match the colour of the product was. Three hours later, during a dinner party, I checked my make up to find my skin still visibly brighter and the even coverage remained. The only thing was that I was starting to get a build up of product in the frown line across my forehead and the drag lines from my nose to mouth were starting to appear, but I would expect that because all products do that to me after a while!

Quick make up check! All clear!

However, seeing as it was an informal dinner, I don't think anyone noticed! I was very impressed with this product. I might need more practise at it, but so far so good! If I was to buy it, I reckon it would be perfect for daytime wear, just quick and easy, no worries!

Garnier, you did good. Me likey muchly! Tempted to buy? It is very possible!

This product is also £7.49 in Boots, which I'd say is great value! 

"Beauty's where you find it.

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