Sunday, 23 September 2012

Freebies of the week! #2

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So this weeks freebies were looking pretty dang poor. Until today, I remembered. The voucher code.

Ocado's Facebook page occasionally release voucher codes to get free products. A few weeks ago we received £60 worth of free Dove products! Hence why I keep a look out!

The most recent code was for £16 of free breakfast goods. Today Mister Ocado Man delivered our order with all these free goodies!

Couldn't believe how much there was!

1. Kingsmill 50/50 rolls (these were a substitution for some white rolls)
2. Vogels wholemeal and oat loaf
3. St Pierre Chocolate chiptear and share brioche
4. Waitrose fair-trade bananas
5. Spoiltpig bacon
6. Quaker Oat So Simple variety pack
7. Yeo Valley Organic Top Notch Lemon and Lime Yogurt
8. Tropicana Orange juice with bits - Family size

Bacon rolls and fresh juice for breakfast? Oh okay then! Epic freebie!

There were a few other freebies  again this week. For some reason, Yazzo sent me more bottle coolers! Very odd.

I also won a gorgeous hair slide on the Hair Trade Facebook page! When it arrived I was so excited! I LOVE THIS! Can't wait to wear it!

So overall, the week has been okay for freebies! Woohoo!

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