Sunday, 9 September 2012

Vaseline Moisturisers

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Please excuse the punny title, I couldn't help myself!

Now this was one of my bigger freebies. Vaseline were bringing out a new range of moisturisers and if you were lucky enough, you would receive a full sized bottle for free. I was lucky! I received a bottle of Aloe Fresh Essential Moisture Hydrating Body Gel.

Full sized bottle of the gel (200ml)

When this arrived I was very excited, especially as I had needed some Aloe Vera due to the nice new matching burns on my arms from the uni ovens. BIG mistake. Pure  Aloe Vera is good for that, body gel...not so much. It stings. A lot.

I have enjoyed using this product as it contains Aloe Vera so it really is cooling! Of course it also smells refreshing too. When it sinks in and dries it leaves my legs feeling super soft.

What I don't like about this product is that because it is a gel, I tend to find a shiney film forms where it has been applied. This means when you shower, it almost washes off? Which feels weird!

However I think that could be my fault as I do have very dry legs. *slaps wrist* I have been terrible at moisturising all my life. The bottle does state on the front, "for healthy fresh skin." I did appear to have healthy fresh skin, until I had to shower and re-apply obviously; it was nice to apply after shaving too. This moisturiser has helped ease my eczema which impressed me.

I do like this moisturiser. I would be tempted to try it again when I have better skin, to see if it really would hydrate my skin as much as it says it will.

There are three moisturisers in this range with various extracts; Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter and Oats. I was also lucky to receive a miniature bottle of the Oat moisturiser. I feel this is more suited to my current skin type, as it is a cream not a gel. It smells faintly flowery which is quite nice for a moisturiser; when they are too strong it's not enjoyable! This moisturiser states that it is a "clean feeling lotion." This I do agree with, my legs feel soft after, without having sticky, slimey legs for ages!

How cute is this teeny bottle?! (50ml)

These products are currently on offer in Boots - save a 1/3 on all Vaseline! I'll be stocking up!

"Your eyes are like a breath of Spring,
your voice is soft like Summer rain.
And I cannot compete with you,

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