Tuesday, 3 September 2013

No.7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser

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Clearly squeezed every last drop out!

I'm not normally one for a tinted moisturiser. They normally kinda fail on me. Blotchy, patchy or make me turn into an orange, shiny person.

However I really liked this. It came free with one of those little goody bags that No7 do with two purchases. I was a little disappointed that it came in the shade medium, as that is a little dark for me but it actually looked pretty normal. My arms are quite tanned at the moment, so this makes my face match the rest of me, without looking too "wrong." 

The application is pretty good, sometimes oily areas of your face need a little more concentration, as does blending into the neck with the darker shade. I like a matte finish anyway so use a translucent powder to "set" it into place, which results in the foundation staying put.

Also where I work in a shop that requires ordering stuff and waiting around for four minutes or more and going to a certain collection point, (you must have guessed by now!) I tend to get mighty warm with all the running around. Regardless of heat, it tends to stay on my face pretty well. I like to have a face painted on for work as it gives me the confidence needed to do my job; the colour doesn't put me off, I feel like me.

Recently I purchased a new foundation (from No.7 coincidentally!) so I won't be purchasing this in the near future, but maybe next summer it would be something to look into?!

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