Sunday, 29 September 2013

Body Shop Born Lippy

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Here we have an EXCELLENT freebie.

You know how VoucherCodes have been giving away Body Shop hand creams? Well the last offer was these Born Lippy lip balms.

After finding myself spending an obscene amount of money, (check out my haul video below?!) I traded in my voucher and picked out a lip balm from what was left. I decided on strawberry. God knows why. I hate strawberry scents. Especially from The Body Shop.

Well that's what I thought.

Body Shop must have grown up. Gone are the sickly sweet, artificial scents. Replaced with a slightly more believable scent. Okay, this lippy does smell a lot like a good way though!

Team that with a lot of moisturising and the ability to be used as an overnight balm too...I am SOLD. Honestly, I will happily repurchase this, especially for £3.Pomegranate, pink berry, lychee, toffee, plum...I'll be collecting them all. Move over Baby Lips...

It's cool for cats...

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