Monday, 2 September 2013

L'Occitane Honey Hand Cream

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A fab freebie, just a shame that L'Occitane send SO much post after. Ugh.

However, for the occasional promotional leaflet, I can forgive L'Occitane. I would never have picked up the honey hand cream otherwise.

I used to love honey as a kid, but nowadays, the smell makes me gag. Gross.

This handcream smells ever so slightly of honey, as the shea butter takes the edge off. This cream is so nourishing; it feels like a masque for your hands, but sinks in nice and fast, with no greasiness. Lovely. I like to apply this to the backs of my hands whilst I am driving. By the time I get home, my hands  have recovered from work...whether or not I have is a separate matter....

Also, how cute is that little bear?!

£14 gets you 75ml which is a bit expensive, but I suppose it depends how much you love it?! 

Tell me why does the river not flow.

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