Sunday, 10 February 2013

Shopping haul

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A haul accidentally happened.

Herbal Essences hair masque - this appears to have Greek (I think) writing on it but the product is the same!
Collection 2000 eyeshadow - what a bargain! The old stock from Collection 2000 is being sold in Poundland! Bargains to be had!

Flannel - need to leave flannels at Jamie's
Haribo Eggstras - 2 for £1. Yes, there was another packet...
Dead sea mineral face mask - love this!
MUA lipstick - a potential new favourite!
Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Eyeshadow Primer - review to come soon!

Goody hairclips - reduced to £2! Bargain!
Nail files
Another flannel
Natural Collection lipstick - not that impressed to be honest. Too shimmery and not enough colour pay off
This Works Beauty Ball - Has a highlighter inside! Reduced to £3.33

There we have it! Not the most interesting haul, but I still felt the need to post about it! Have you bought any goodies recently?

I get fly like paper,
Get high like planes


  1. I really wanted a this works beauty ball but I couldn't get my hands on one you have a fabulous blog and I'm now following pop over to my blog I'm trying to reach 100 followers before my birthday xxx

    1. There's loads in my local Boots! Thank you, yeah sure, I'll pop over! xxx


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