Monday, 18 February 2013

Things to do before you turn 40

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This morning I was scouting the competitions online, (as per usual!) and found this really interesting post on the Easy Living website.

The things to do before you turn 40.

I heard Christian O'Connell on Absolute Radio discussing his Before 40 bucket list the other day too and it got me thinking. Don't get me wrong, I have dreams. I have a vague idea for my bucket list. But this...well I need to do this! The targets are manageable, some I have already done. Some will bankrupt me if I try them now! I have copied this list from Easy Living.

1. Stop caring what others think - A difficult one, I go through phases of this
2. Buy artwork - I have artwork but I don't recall buying any myself
3. Find the perfect red lipstick - Never worn red lipstick!
4. Accept a compliment - I MIGHT have done this
5. Laugh until you cry - Done!
6. Skinny dip - So badly want to do this!
7. Scream on a rollercoaster - Done!
8. Stay awake til the sun comes up - Accidentally did this at uni! Done!
9. Sleep under the stars - Would love to do this

10. Dye hair -  Done!
11. Have dessert without guilt - Pudding guilt? What is this? Done!
12. High heels - I have heels, but I need these Louboutins.
13. Find your signature style
14. Find a whiskey that you like - Turns out that Southern Comfort isn't whiskey. Damn.

15. Eat alone
16. Date the wrong person - Done!
17. Road trip 
18. Dream destination - Barcelona


19. Las Vegas
20. Go to the perfect music festival
21. Have a home you love
22. Have jewellery that means something
23. Have a signature dish
24. Holiday alone

25. Be proud of an achievement
26. Volunteer - Done!
27. Find exercise you like
28. Have too many books
29. Have a dirty secret

30. Kick a bad habit
31. Learn a language
32. Take a course
33. Live in another country
34. Buy expensive homeware
35. Try on jackets in Chanel

36. Go bespoke
37. Have drunk sex with the lights on
38. Leather trousers - Done! There was an All Saints obsession at 7 years old.
39. Tell your parents you love them
40. Write a letter to yourself

What's on your bucket list? Bungee jumping? Travelling?
Admit it you many of you have skinny dipped?! :P

I'm a lonely boy, I'm a lonely boy...
Oh oh oh oh, I got a love that keeps me waiting.

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