Monday, 18 February 2013

Freebies of the week! #22

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Edible and beauty freebies this week! Hurrah!

Firstly, I rinsed my Priority Moments this week at Bluewater. Hotel Chocolat were giving away a mini Valentines slab worth £3 and WH Smiths were giving a free box of Thorntons chocolates worth £5. I gave these to Jamie!

Also at Bluewater, I bought more of my Bobbi Brown make up and was given a sample of the Hydrating Face Cream which was kind of the Bobbi Brown ladies. Then I walked downstairs and traded in my voucher at L'Occitane to get a free 30ml handcream, as they reached 75,000 Facebook fans.

Then I bought a copy of Marie Claire to get the free sample of Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam. This might be nice to leave in Reading as the only cleanser I have up there is exfoliating. There's also a voucher inside for a free lipstick which I must go and get!

I also received this chocolate beast from being one of the lucky..I dunno how many...on the Aero Facebook page. Pretty relieved that orange arrived...I don't like mint! (Controversial I know!)

I went to Boots earlier this week too to get some razor blades for my Wilkinson Sword Hydrosilk (review HERE if you are interested!) as it came with a £2 off voucher. (I got that for free!) Turns out, Boots were doing a promotion. Free razor with £9.99 with the blades. So now I have two! Woo! I have a sneaking suspicion that there could be another £2 voucher in this pack...I can see a never ending cycle about to occur...

Who else has Valentines chocolates then? Guilt free do you think?!

Seems like lately there's a whole lotta leaving going on...

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