Monday, 11 February 2013

Rimmel London Exaggerate Undercover Eyeshadow Primer

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I am very much new to the world of primers. I always thought my make up stayed on my face! That's the point in it right?!

It was only when I read people's blogs, who mentioned that there can be a fair bit of fallout with MUA shadows, that it occurred to me how long my eyeshadow does not last.

I always grumpily wiped shadow away from under my eyes at work, but never did the joined up thinking there! Plus, more eye rubbing (which I am terrible for doing!) results in darker eye circles. Mine are really dark.

So when I read The Sunday Girl's post about the Rimmel London Exaggerate Undercover Eyeshadow Primer, (what a long name!) I knew I had to try it!

What a lovely surprise when I went to Superdrug to find an introductory offer of £3.49 instead of £4.99! Well happy with that!

The primer is white, but dries clear. It is also silicone based, so fills in any imperfections. I like to blob some on my eyelid, then paint a think coat all over with the brush that came in my Best of 2012 Joliebox. I am a bit funny about touching the eye area with hands. Quite ironic for a woman who doesn't realise how much she rubs her eyes on a daily basis eh?!

The primer is applied with a lipgloss style applicator, which is fab. Less faffing with squeezy tubes, dropping it everywhere; just the ideal amount on the tip of a brush, especially for small areas like eyes.

This primer really does work. I survived a busy 4 hour shift at work yesterday, then went out after, with intact eye make up...and I used the MUA Undressed palette, of which the shimmery shades are my favourites! 11 hours later, my eyemake up looked like new still!

All the different shadows I have used with this primer have looked brighter and bolder. I never realised how much colour was lacking when putting shadows onto skin.

I am always reluctant to add more time to my make up routine, but I will always be using this now. This will always be in my routine! Love it!

My black eyed boy,
You will find your own space in time

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