Friday, 4 January 2013

Rimmel BB Cream

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Yesterday I felt like trying something new but was in a rush. So I reached for this sample of Rimmel London BB Cream. I think I got this in a copy of Cosmopolitan. SPF 25, 9 in 1 cream...big BB cream promises once again. I should add that this shade is LIGHT. (A big hint for what is to come...)

 I wish this photo could show the consistency better. I squeezed it out the sachet, to find a cream with the colour barely mixed in, with a dark and watery-ness to it.

Here is what it looks like when applied to my face. My neck is the same colour as my face I should add...!

I actually couldn't believe how dark it was! Shade light...well I don't think  that is very accurate. I currently wear the lightest shade of Bobbi Brown foundation, so I am fairly aware of what is a light colouring. This is not it...

Left: Rimmel BB Cream - Shade Light
Right: Bobbi Brown - Shade 1 Warm Ivory

Obviously all products need to be given a fair test, so I left it on whilst I got dressed, tidied up and dried my hair. The colour was still there, looking pretty dark! My quick, time saving idea actually wasted time for me. Gutted. Cue me needing to wash my face all over again, then put my normal make up on! Late to meet boyfriend, feeling paranoid that I was still orange!

So to summarise. This isn't much of a review, maybe more of a warning! This BB cream is darker than you expect! However if you like the orangey look then, you know, go for it...(!)

And isn't it ironic?
Don't you think?

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