Friday, 18 January 2013

Lacoste Touch of Pink

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This is the first perfume that Jamie ever got for me. It was for my 18th birthday.

I was not sure about it as I had never tried anything other than Anna Sui - Sui Love. However on my birthday meal evening, I sprayed it on and went out.

Then six months later, at Christmas, he gave me another gift set with it in! He probably thought that I used perfume all the time like him, (he drowns himself in it!) but my job at the time involved gardening or I was with my horse, so didn't need to wear it!

It only occurred to me last month that Lacoste Touch of Pink is a daytime perfume and I was wearing a heavier evening perfume to work, so popped it in my handbag with me.

When I first started wearing it again, I didn't think anyone noticed until I visited Jamie in Reading. As he was dozing off he mentioned that I smelt nice, "like when we were younger." Okaaay...! One of our friends  also commented about it twice in a 24 hour period! I also sprayed it on at work last week when I thought I was a bit warm and whiffy (stockroom work!) and one of the lads said I smelt good. Better than sweaty eh?!

I love this fragrance, it smells so fresh and clean; fruity and flowery without being too overpowering. It really is a daytime scent though, it just works so well as it is so light. This perfume encapsulates summer for me. In terms of longevity, I don't notice it after a while, but like I said, Jamie was noticing it at sleepy times, so it must hang around!

I think if I ran out of this, I would definately ask for it for birthday/Christmas. (Anyone else not buy perfume for themselves?!) It is ideal for the daytime and I think I would be disappointed if I ran out. It feels like a true, "go-to" perfume.

Lacoste Touch of Pink can be bought in all good perfume stores. For a link to Boots, click here

Some might say, that sunshine follows thunder...

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