Monday, 14 January 2013

Oily skin is okay!

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Amber is the lady I go to when my eyebrows are humungous. I am TERRIBLE at maintaining my eyebrows. I get them waxed, keep them neat for a week or two, then all the hairs reappear. At that point I can't be arsed anymore and just go back to Amber. A fiver every month is alright, to have new eyebrows in less than 10 minutes!

Whilst I was there, Amber asked me how my skin was. She's a Dermalogica representative, so always keeps me up to date with the products. She's known me since I was a teenager too, so was there to see my skin first start breaking out. (I was a late bloomer...!) So she has always helped my Mum and I with products for our faces.

She asked me how I was getting on with my acne, so I told her about my facewash. (Currently Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel) I am not the biggest fan of it because it is so soapy and foamy; I want to go back to my Dermal Clay Cleanser. She did inform me that the MediBac range is the most up to date, so mine is probably out of date now! When I get some more cash I think I will change my cleanser and use the last of my current SCG as a shower gel.

She also gave me plenty of samples of my favourite products and a few new ones! I felt bad, but she told me that she doesn't have many clients who have oily skin, mostly older skin. (Woo for me!)

Oil Control Lotion - MediBac
Sebum Clearing Masque - MediBac
Clearing Mattifier - MediBac
Concealing Spot Treatment - Medibac
Active Moist
Dermal Clay Cleanser x 2

I have tried all of these products except for the Concealing Spot Treatment, so am very intreigued to try this. I am also very interested in trying ALL of these samples, because I have tried some of these recently, but the samples were older; the MediBac range did not exist then, so the formulas have changed.

Then Amber gave me some more of her wisdom...wait for this beauty loving girls...

Oily skin is annoying for us now, but it will pay off in the future...

People who have oily skin for longer, have less wrinkles in the future! 

Think about it, oil is moisturising! The struggle we have with it now will pay off, as it moisturises our skin and delays the wrinkles.

Lets embrace our oily skin ladies!

I'm broke but I'm happy,
I'm poor but I'm kind...

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