Sunday, 28 October 2012

Freebies of the week! #7

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This week. Oh this week...

Such a poor show!

Nothing, nada, kaput!

Only things for me in the post are bank statements and I don't really want those! I signed up for a lot of things this week so hopefully there will be some good stuff soon.

In other news, whilst I was sat in a NHS Drop in Centre today, (got an ear infection but I am registered to the university doctors, dammit) I made a long list of all the different blog posts I can do this week, so new things coming soon, including many favourites from beauty blogs!

*cough* all used up *cough* hauls *cough*  ;)

I don't know what went wrong, I woke up one day and you had gone.
Forever, there's no such thing as forever.
You left a mess, not a note.
You emptied my wallet, and you stole my smokes.
But I'm easy, forgiving you is easy.
I just wanna be with you.

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