Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Freebies of the week! #3

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Well last week wasn't looking very promising...until I went to Bluewater!

Now if you are on O2, it is well worth checking the Priority Moments app regularly, especially when you are in town, as it will come up with deals around you. I got a lot from it on Tuesday!

Firstly, the photo says it all. 4 for free, just for being on O2. Amazing.

Went for Milk chocolate, chocolate orange, chocolate 
and toffee and oat & raisin. YUM.

Then we went into the O2 store. Remember a few months ago, people on O2 lost internet signal? (I didn't.) Well everyone received a £10 voucher from O2 to apologise, so Boyfriend and I both got In-Car Suction Holders. Clever little thing, holds any phone! There wasn't really anything else we wanted!

Can't take a picture of my phone in it, as I take the  pictures with my phone!

Now I noticed on the MagicFreebiesUK website that if you bought a copy of The Sunday Telegraph, you could get a free tube of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish worth £5.50. I've heard about this product on many blogs and heard that it is AMAZING, so I had to get myself a paper. I took my voucher to the John Lewis counter and received this lovely envelope...

Inside was a 30ml tube of the product, a muslin cloth and a card with the instructions for use!

I can't wait to try and review this product, as it has been rated so highly! Will it replace my beloved Dermalogica!?

I thought this was it for the week; then these bad boys arrived!

When I bought a bottle of Southern Comfort from ASDA a few months ago, there was a tag on it, for two free glasses. I thought they'd be little ones, so signed up for them anyway. Technically not a freebie, but I wanted the drink, so I guess they were a bonus. The glasses are nice and tall, with a heavy bottom, perfect for a cheeky SoCo and lemonade! Also in the box was a magnet which is one of those hologram ones, with the measurements for a SoCo & lemonade and a picture of one; a freebie for a freebie!

One of the two glasses

Sorry for awkward angles, holograms aren't easy to photograph!

So I think last week was pretty productive! Very happy bunny I am! (Well, in regard to freebies anyway!)

"The worst things in life
come free to us"

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