Thursday, 25 October 2012

Twitter win...GlossyBox!

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I was so damn excited when my phone kept dinging loudly a few weeks ago.

It was people congratulating me because myself and four others won a GlossyBox on their Twitter!

Now I did in fact win a GlossyBox before, in conjunction with Andrex Washlets. It was won in March 2012, but I received a November 2011 box and I wasn't too impressed with the idea of it, including the products inside...

Until I received this beauty!

Look at all these beauties!

Full size Docteur Renaud Apricot BB Cream - 50ml (Worth £25)
Half size Docteur Renaud Raspberry Face & Eyes Cleansing Water - 125ml  (Worth £8)
Sample size Nuxe Body Fondant Shower Gel - 50ml (Worth £2.13)
Sample size Nuxe Huille Prodigieuse Multi Useage Dry Oil - 10ml (Worth £3.50)
Full size Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute - 30ml (Worth £17.50)

Box worth - £56.13

This GlossyBox is STUNNING. Everything looks so grown up! As soon as I opened the packaging and spied the dark taupe coloured box, I knew it was a special one! With two full sized products, I am so impressed. 

I have spied some other beauty bloggers that have not been impressed by their Glossy Boxes, but honestly, after this, I am tempted by Glossy Box. Obviously I need a job first though, darn! 

Maybe a good place to start would be by trying out these gorgeous products?!

I look around me,
But all I seem to see, 
Is people going nowhere, 
Expecting sympathy.

It's like we're going through the motions, 
Of a scripted destiny, 
Tell me where's our inspiration?
If life won't wait,
I guess it's up to me.

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