Saturday, 17 August 2013

De-clutter, storage and playing with pretty make up.

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Oh I do love a de-clutter.

Finding forgotten products, forgotten memories, forgotten...stuff!

Seeing as I am leaving for uni in about 5 weeks, I figured now would be a good time to think of some new make up storage. I pondered the classic #bblogger clear acrylic storage, but it just doesn't suit me and my needs. However, my big hessian bucket just isn't working for me.

Mum remembered the box in the loft which she used to store nappies in when I was a baby. (Sounds pleasant eh?!) I have decided to store all my favourite make up in it now, so that I am used to it for when I am at uni. The great thing is, EVERYTHING fits in there, so I can just close it up and pop it back under my desk when I have finished with it. Only thing is, I am having to use it now, as I will never get used to it when I am in Reading!

I have put eye shadows in one bag, lip products in the bee bag, concealers and mascaras in another. Half of my nail varnishes are in the little box; these are my darker colours as it will be Autumn/Winter when I am at uni.

At the top are my face products. I will store my brushes in their jars on my desk or will pop them in the bottom.

That means that I have lots of spare products, which I have popped in a drawer, ready to be replacements.

I also sorted through all my make up,  freebies and samples and decided to chuck away all this:

I have my favourite gold eye shadow in here...which I have had for nearing on 10 years now. It's time to say goodbye. *sob!* There are also a LOT of Avon perfume samples which I will never wear and some Avon face products which will not suit me.

Doing this has made SO much more room on my dressing table and my drawers, which I am loving. A clearer dressing table can help me focus more.

I am about to wash my make up brushes too. Ahhh I feel a lot better now!

I don't know about you but I LOVE storage posts and organising posts, so it was about time to do my own! Please send me links to your storage posts, I love them! Comment below or tweet me @AshiTheseDays.

(P.S. If you want to see any of these products reviewed, please feel free to ask me to!)

Black velvet on that little boys smile,
Black velvet and that slow southern style.

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