Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Accidental Boots haul

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Lets talk about the economic crisis and how inflation is affecting everything...

Okay, let's just leave it at how prices are going up for make up and it's rather depressing.

I have been ever faithful to my lovely Bobbi Brown foundations and powders for years. However, checking on the website, I saw that the foundation is now £30 for 30ml and the powder is £25 for 11g. Pretty sure it wasn't that 6 months ago...

I will need new foundation soon and it's just not possible for me to buy from Bobbi Brown any more. Maybe a treat occasionally, but it's just too painful seeing 10 hours work leave my bank account like that!

When I was on my lunch break on Sunday, I went into Boots to enquire about foundations and left with all these goodies! I was only going to look!

So much for my spending ban. But this was a fab deal! All of this for about £28! Bargain!

The assistant, Emily, wiped off my make up, applied this mousse foundation, then the powder. It gave such a soft, light finish, I was in love! She then applied my usual blush, but applied this honey coloured blush on top. It gave a natural looking glow to my skin which looked so pretty.

I then picked up another one of my favourite eyeliners. Since receiving it in one of those Christmas goodie bags, I am a little bit in love with it!

Emily then found me a £3 off make up voucher, so with the buy one get one half price deal and the £3 off, it came to £25! I then came back the next day and got another eyeliner to add to a pile for a little giveaway I am planning on having! *spoiler alert*

Honestly, I cannot believe how relaxed I felt during and after the experience. I felt like I had a mini pamper on my lunch break, which was well needed!

Oh, can't forget that it was 10 points per £1 when you spend over £15 at the weekend too! Woop!

I am very excited to try this foundation, as I want to have a natural, daytime look for when I go to university. There's no need for that awkward "trying a new foundation out" look within the first few weeks of meeting new housemates!

If anybody is near Hempstead Valley Boots, see if Emily is on the No.7 counter! She is FAB!

Does anybody else have high-end make up blues sometimes?

A change would do you good,
would do you good

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