Wednesday, 7 August 2013

July Empties

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Oh it feels so good seeing all those full sizes empty.


Avon Naturals Superfruit Soufflé Hair Masque 
Nyahhh...eghhhh.....Review HERE
Would I repurchase? No

Herbal Essences Seductively Straight Sleekening Intensive Mask
Oh I miss this already.
Would I repurchase? No, because it costs like, a tenner! Silly discontinued lines. Review HERE

Facial Skincare

Bobbi Brown Concealer
This was the only concealer for me. Then I met the Collection one...
Would I repurchase? Maybe

Barry M Lash Modelling Mascara 
I opened it, I hated it. I persvered, I love it!
Would I repurchase? Yes, I stopped myself buying this today!

Facial Skincare

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets 
Addicted to these! Leaves make-up intact and makes me look less...damp. Winner! Review HERE
Would I repurchase? Already have done, found them in 99p Store!

Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel
Nyahhh...eghhhh.....Review HERE
Would I repurchase? Yes, why is this not in my life again?!

Avon Clinical Eye Lift Pro sample
I think this works.
Would I repurchase? Very tempted.


Garnier Intensive 7 Days Moisturiser
To be honest, nothing compares to this line of moisturisers.
Would I repurchase? Probably.

Champneys Vitamiracle Rejuvenating Hand & Nail Cream
Such a lovely hand cream. Smells like orange yoghurt (in a good way.)
Would I repurchase? Maybe, I have others that I would buy over this though.


Lady Million sample
Would I repurchase? Very tempted, every time I see this in the stock room...


Boots Cotton Pads
Not as good as other brands to be honest.
Would I repurchase? Nah

2 x Dove Invisible Dry Compressed Deodorant
I don't think these suit me anymore.
Would I repurchase? Maybe. Review HERE

Sure for Men Invisible Ice
Okay, let me explain. Jamie left this behind and I hate wasting things. Especially when cans are half full.
Would I repurchase? I already have and it's working pretty well!

Elmo shower gel
A present from Mum. got to say, I really enjoyed it. Lil watermelon-y smelling monster! ;)
Would I repurchase? I might do!

Have you tried any of these products?
Anybody here love Elmo too?!

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