Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Avon Naturals Superfruit Souffle

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(Yep, this really does sound good enough to eat!)

I was given this by a friend; she had so many products, that she threw some in my direction.

At first, I really liked it. It smells like a fruity conditioner which is always good.

It leaves my hair soft which is good.

There's something about it though. It just doesn't meet my standards for a hair masque...I just don't LOVE it.  Not good.

I like the idea of the acai berry and shea oil, but surely that would make it all the more nourishing? When I wash it out, it feels like I have washed it all out, like I haven't even conditioned.

Obviously when my hair is dry, it is shinier, detangled and smells good. It's just not all there, you know?

Maybe it is because I know that I can get better results from leaving my daily conditioner on for a few minutes longer? I don't know.

For me, this product felt alright. Just...alright.

You can probably guess that I won't be getting this again!

It's not old,
Just older

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