Friday, 12 July 2013

£10 free at The Fragrance Shop

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Buying perfume is something I have never done. It was always a gift.

When I was little, my Mum got it for me. When I hit 18....from there, it was gifted to me from my now ex-boyfriend. *sigh*

(I sigh because it was nice how he did that, he just managed to find the right scents for me and it made him so happy. Oh well. C'est la vie.)

Seeing as my perfumes have nearly run out, I figured that it was time to be a big girl and look for a new perfume. Moving on and all that.

Well. I went to The Perfume Shop opposite my work and the woman who served me was SO RUDE and clearly couldn't be arsed to serve me. As someone who works in serving customers, I know that it is important to be polite as ANYONE could be a mystery shopper. Or a blogger. Just sayin'.

Feeling disheartened (and a little p****d off) I forgot about getting perfume, until I checked Priority Moments. They are currently offering £10 off ANYTHING in store. Even their sale stuff.

As soon as I went in, I explained my need for a completely new perfume, what I had and how I liked it but I didn't want the same one. She showed me one perfume, but I remembered reviewing this scent and once I tried it properly, I had to have it!

I reviewed Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme last year and LOVED it. It was one of those scents that you just keep smelling.

The great thing about my purchase was that the gift set was the same price as the fragrance on its own! It was originally £35, but with my £10 off code, I got it for a bargainous £25! Love it!

The offer is on for another week so get yourself O2 Priority Moments and down to The Fragrance shop! The sale stuff is pretty good too, you might get a freebie from it!

So baby don't worry.
You know you've got me.

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