Wednesday, 29 May 2013


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Ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you now that I have had the most confusing, stressful, fun, depressing, crazy few weeks recently.

Firstly, I did my exam yesterday! It is all over and done with, hurrah!

However, another thing that is over and done with...Jamie and I broke up a few days ago. When I say that we broke up, he ended it. Putting it nicely, he wasn't really feeling it anymore. As awful as I feel, it is probably for the best. I hope that one day we can be friends again, as he honestly was my best friend and I will always love him like that.

Lets think of another positive...PAY DAY WAS YESTERDAY! I was planning on having a massive shop at Bluewater today with the gorgeous Lucy (she will be reading this, hey girlie!) but unfortunately my Grandma is in hospital and there's an awful lot of stuff going on. If anyone can help me spend obscene amounts of money, it is her! We'll re-convene another time with Jade hopefully!

I'm taking everything that has happened recently and learning from it. I'm making back up plans in case university goes wrong, I am having a fresh start and making some amazing new memories. Recently I have realised that I have the most amazing, true friends, who have been putting up with my madness and my crazy mood swings and ideas. (Monday's great idea was to drink half a litre of Lucozade at work...highly effective I might add. Then a few beers the night before my exam! RISKY!)

Either way, I am seeking inspiration and enjoying life. This is the start of the new and positive Ashleigh!

I just want to say thank you to all the bloggers out there who have been so supportive recently, your kind comments really do make me happy and smile!

It's my life,
It's now or never.


  1. So sorry to hear about your break up. Chin up girl, it'll all work out ok.


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